Hollywood Honkytonk by Mia Hopkins

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1170-8

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1171-5

    Page Count: 360

    Word Count: 87848

    Kings of California Book Two


    With nothing but her dog, her guitar, and her cowboy boots, songwriter Riley Marion arrives in Los Angeles on the run from her abusive ex. A quiet job teaching music sounds perfect, but her low-key lifestyle is threatened when she reunites with a sexy old flame—now an up-and-coming celebrity who’s constantly dogged by paparazzi.
    Charming and driven, Jack Lamont is a Hollywood actor on the rise to stardom. Ready to outgrow his playboy reputation, he’s happy to leave the hard partying to his entourage. Romantic entanglements? Jack’s not interested. At least, not until he gets tangled up with the one who got away—a smoking-hot woman whose memory has haunted him for the last ten years.


    Can their love survive the limelight?

    He rested his cheekbone against the top of her breast and tucked his head under her chin. His quiet breaths grazed the skin at the neckline of her blouse.

    Locked in his embrace, Riley matched her breathing to his and held him tighter. His heat surrounded her. His clean hair smelled like shampoo and sunlight and felt like silk against her bare throat.

    For a long time, they held each other close. Then Jack turned his head a little, enough to brush the base of her neck with a soft kiss. She gasped as he did it again. Then again.

    The memory of his kisses on the beach burned on her lips. Another fire kindled at the base of her spine, and, as if he could feel it too, Jack reached around, untucked her blouse from her skirt, and slid his hand underneath, running his fingertips lightly across the bare skin of her lower back.

    Riley shivered, lust blooming like a rose on every nerve ending in her body.

    Oh, he’s good.

    She pulled away to look into his eyes again. Their color had deepened—dark blue. The shadow of a wave about to crash.


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Hollywood Honkytonk

Hollywood Honkytonk

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