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Couples Therapy by Ryver James

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0986-6

    Page Count: 78

    Word Count: 15762

    Pleasure Isles is a dream come true for good-girl Keily Samuels, and she desperately needs an influx of cash to keep the B&B afloat. But reservations are slim, and the odds of getting a bank loan are even slimmer. When a drool-worthy, wealthy entrepreneur offers her enough money to keep her dream alive in exchange for weekend of sexual submission, she’s between a rock and a really hard place.
    Landon Marx has wanted Keily since the first time he saw her at a hotel in Dallas. Having tracked her to Pleasures Isles, he’s reserved the entire B&B for a relaxing weekend of seduction, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the elusive beauty right where he wants her.
    But Pleasure Isles isn’t a normal B&B. There’s more cooking behind the scenes than bacon and eggs, and checkout time is about more than settling the bill.


    “I would think that someone like you would at least have a personal chef.”

    “Let me rephrase,” he said with a slow grin. “I haven’t had a woman cook for me in years. My chef prepares meals in advance, piles them into glass containers with labels. I pick what I want and microwave it,” he leaned back. “Or I eat out, sometimes order take out, but nothing like this.”

    “It’s the least that I can do,” Kiely beamed a smile at him. “You paid for great service. I aim to please.”

    “And that you have,” he said and then, “Especially with that titillating private show earlier.”

    Kiel sank into her chair, cringing as her hopes of avoiding the elephant in the room dashed.” So you did see me—”

    “Masturbate?” He chuckled. “I don’t see how I could miss that.”

    “So you sat here, taking your sweet time eating dinner to watch me squirm in dread, wondering when you’d bring it up.”

    “You seemed to enjoy watching me eat.”

    “Can we forget this ever happened?”

    “No can do.”

    “Well can you at least not bring it up again?”

    “What bothers you most? That I enjoyed it, or that you enjoyed the thrill of wondering if I’d watched?”

    “What does it matter?” Kiely snapped. “It should have never happened.”

    “You were curious, got turned on. It happens to the best of us.”

    “Not me,” she snapped again, and then more calmly, “I don’t normally do things like that.”


    “Stop saying that,” Kiely said flustered. “I invaded your privacy. I can totally understand if you want a refund.”

    “Calm down, Kiely,” Landon waved off her explanation. “I enjoyed watching you. Probably as much as you enjoyed watching me.”


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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

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