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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1349-8

    Page Count: 63

    Word Count: 13449


    Thrice married, thrice deceived. Guildmaster Heinrich von Steinser is determined that this marriage will be different. Bettina Gunden’s beauty and sensuality is what originally captured his interest among the wilted flowers of the ton, but once their vows are made, she becomes a veritable shrew at home and an ice maiden in bed. After losing his only son to the wolves and his daughter’s hand to their beast, Heinrich realizes only one path will save his marriage. Dominate Bettina until she submits to her new role in life—wife.

    Bettina has always been the perfect society miss, allowing her mother’s iron hand to control every aspect of her life. Now that she’s made the perfect match, her mother’s manipulations continue. Waking in a strange room and bound to a bed, Bettina realizes Heinrich has reached the limits of his patience. Now, she must choose—the mother who terrifies her with the depths of her deceptions or the husband who has claimed her with the heat of his touch.


    Bettina opened her eyes and tried to move. Unable to pull her arms down or move her legs, she opened her mouth and realized she’d been gagged. She struggled, but the straps around her wrists and ankles held firmly to the sturdy oak bedrails. Glancing down, she realized she was naked. A scream rose in her throat only to be muffled by the cloth.

    “Awake, my dear?” came her husband’s voice.

    Her eyes darted to the side of the bed. Heinrich stood there, hands on his hips. As naked as she was, he looked at her calmly. Bettina’s blue eyes told him of her fury as she tried to speak around the gag.

    “Obviously.” He smiled, answering his own question. “It is time for an adjustment in our marriage. I indulged your every whim, and what did I get in return?” His eyes narrowed. “My son is dead. My daughter is in the hands of Lord Wulfgar. My children are lost to me, Bettina. I gave you everything. I lost everything because of it. So, now, I will take, and you will give. You will be a wife to your husband.”


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