Making Waves by Juliet Chastain

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-0969-9

    Page Count: 51

    Word Count: 11226

    What's a shy fourth grade teacher to do when she is washed up at the feet of a hot young surfer? Natalie Michaels never expected her vacation to be this exciting. Fresh off a breakup, she's looking for sun and waves to mend her heart. But when sexy surfer Kai MacDaniels gives her a devastatingly sweet smile, her confidence begins to heal, too. Will she allow her inner cougar out to play in the waves?


    Arm in arm, we came out of the water and walked naked up the beach.


    Silently, with our arms around each other, we approached the crossover to the motel. We stopped and pulled on our wet and sandy clothes.

    Thank heaven the key to my unit, which might easily have fallen out of the pocket of my skirt, was miraculously still there. I unlocked the door.

    I’ve wanted men before—wanted sex badly, even desperately—but did I ever want it like I did now? Was I ever so filled with desire for a man the way I was for Kai? No, never. Best to make the most of it. I am leaving the day after tomorrow.

    We kicked off our flip-flops and peeled off our soggy clothes by the door. I didn’t care that the room was a mess. And I didn’t care that I was naked. I was no longer self-conscious. The way Kai looked at me, caressing me with his eyes, made me feel beautiful, desirable, and joyously sexual. When he pulled the little condom packet from his shorts’ pocket, I knew yet more pleasure lay ahead. I took it from him and tossed it onto the bed as we walked past it to the bathroom.

    We turned on the water and climbed into the hot shower.


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Making Waves

Making Waves

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