Running Hot by J.L. Sheppard

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1494-5

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1495-2

    Page Count: 348

    Word Count: 87619

    Hell Ryders MC Book Two

    Thomas “Cuss” Layne has never wanted for anything, except the beautiful girl he saved so long ago. But she’s a rich girl, and he’s a biker. For years, he hasn’t had a glimpse of her. Still, he’s never been able to get her out of his mind. When her life’s in danger, he rides to her rescue once again. This time, he’s determined to do what he should’ve done long ago—make her his, in every possible way.

    Tiffany Hamilton has never gotten over the bad boy with the sapphire eyes and midnight hair, the boy who once saved her. She wants him—a touch, a taste—but he’s never wanted anything to do with her. It’s past time to move on. When the sexy biker barges back into her life, saving her yet again and making demands, he makes it impossible to say no to his raw magnetism. She’ll finally have everything she’s dreamed of…but will it be enough?


    She’s in trouble…again.

    Movie wasn’t halfway done, and his girl had already passed out. Head on his shoulder, legs on the couch to her other side.

    Smiling, he took a breath. Her head on his shoulder slipped lower. He wrapped an arm around her, turning toward her slightly until her head lay on his chest. Either he’d gotten good at doing that or she was a heavy sleeper. Probably the latter, not once when he carried her to bed had she woken.

    She let out a small sigh and burrowed into him.

    He loved that. She did it a lot, and every time she did it, it made him feel like he had the world in the palm of his hands. Maybe not his hands, but he definitely had the world sleeping against his chest.

    His gaze slid from her face to her hair. He threaded his fingers through it. So soft. So thick. He spared a glance at the television and realized he missed an important plot point. Now, he was lost. Nothing new. He never paid much attention to the movie once she dozed off. He just sat there and watched her sleep. Often, he ran his hand through her hair like he was then. Every once in a while, he looked to the screen. And when he did, he remembered the movie would be over soon, and then, he’d have to force himself to stop staring at her, carry her to bed, and head home.

    Worse part of the night, heading home.

    He hated it, hated leaving her.

    And still, it had to be done.



Must Read MC

Running Hot is book 2 in the Hell Ryders MC Series and can be read as a standalone. But if you are anything like me when it comes to the MC's you will want to read book 1 Running Wild first. Like Running Wild, JL Sheppard had me hooked from the very beginning of Running Hot. I devoured this book in only a handful of hours.

The story-line is a strong one that builds and builds as the book keeps on going. Thomas has loved Tiffany a lifetime, while he comes from the wrong side of the track and is a rough and tough biker. She comes from money and is expected to find a man who would fit into her world.

These two characters had me loving them one minute and the next wanting to smack the crap out of them. But what a roller coaster this book was for these characters to find their way.

Can't wait to see what JL Sheppard brings to the table next.

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    Running Hot

    Running Hot

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