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Training Tia by Isabella Laase

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1366-5

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1367-2

    Page Count: 246

    Word Count: 66382

    Twenty-one-year-old Tia Malone faces an uncertain future and a lonely past with only quivering dreams to bring her satisfaction. Her desire to find the perfect companion seemed doomed from the day she left her adopted parents’ Ohio home with her aloof cat for company.  Ready to start the next chapter of her life, Tia’s sassy self-awareness is turned upside down when dangerous demons force her to return to a world she struggles to remember and the powerful man she had been given to at birth.

    The death of Tia's parents forced the dominant Zane  Holland to hide his little pet safely in the human world until she came of age. The time has come for him to bring her to his father’s distant castle and guide her to submission. For her safety, he must use a firm hand in teaching his adorably frustrating mate to give up her independence and adopt a rigorous training of discipline and relaxation. Only then can she access the powers that rest in her subconscious.

    As they are drawn closer together, Zane becomes the man of Tia’s dreams and they connect on the most erotic levels as she submits to his delicious desires. But when his intentions are questioned, her growing power brings her choices she never imagined.  As dangers from her past challenge the security of her family’s future, will Tia be able to fully submit?


    A world she can’t remember…a man she can’t refuse…a destiny she can’t escape…

    “What happened, Tia? Since when do you bite people?”

    Under a horrible set of circumstances, I tried to look mature and met his eye. “I didn’t like her.”

    “You don’t bite people just because you don’t like them. You know better than that. What the hell were you thinking?” His voice rose in decibel with every sentence.

    I had nothing else to lose. “Did you sleep with the slut, Zane?” There was nothing submissive or childish about my question. I looked him in the eye and met his stare with one of my own.

    He looked away first, and I had my answer. The mental images of their liaison were clearly the result of our connection and not my imagination.

    I spoke while fighting angry tears. “If you’ll excuse me.” I stood with as much grace as possible while our tie wavered dangerously.

    His voice turned chillingly quiet. “You are not excused. You don’t get to speak to me like this. I am the master in this relationship, and you need to remember your place.


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Training Tia

Training Tia

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