Superstition by Veronica Blake

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1549-2

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1550-8

    Page Count: 336

    Word Count: 90005

    Book One of the Blood Clan Series

    Treasure lies deep in the Superstition Mountains, but is it worth the price…

    Mateo Two Moons’ family has guarded dark secrets and unspeakable horrors for centuries. His Apache Blood Clan is dhampyre—half human, half vampire. But he will risk revealing the truth concealed in The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, exposing his entire family, and even his own existence to claim his human mate and change the perilous fate of his clan.
    Dawn Malone’s move to Arizona to teach middle school has expanded her horizons. Meeting new people, hiking the desert wilderness, and the lure of gold fever in the old mine is exactly what she needs. The handsome Apache she encounters seems almost too good to be true. Mateo Two Moons’ sexy, dangerous air draws her in, seducing her heart and soul. But her intrigue concerning the secrets he keeps turns to confusion and horror as she begins to realize the man she’s falling for could be something she didn’t even believe existed…

    Forever is not long enough…

    Dawn sat back down on Mateo’s lap, wanting him to feel how hot he made her. His cock was hard and pressing against the material of his black jeans. The ridge of it swelled into the area between her legs, making everything below her waist contract and quiver.

    She released the tight hold she had on his hair and grabbed his loosely knotted tie. Her eyelashes narrowed as she smirked.

    “I’ve wanted to do this all evening,” she said in a suggestive tone as she leaned back slightly.

    Her nimble fingers slipped the loose knot in his tie apart. The tip of his tongue dampened his parted lips. A soft moan escaped from her own mouth as her desire for him raged out of control.

    “What else have you wanted to do to me?” A slight tremor in his voice hinted at his anticipation as he looked up at her with eyes hooded in growing desire.

    She stopped short of letting the tie slide completely away from his neck as she grasped it close to his throat and used it to pull herself up to him roughly. Her lips hovered just over his, brushing lightly for an instant as she answered, “Everything.”


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