Mission Innocence by Samantha Gentry

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1395-5

    Page Count: 87

    Word Count: 20272

    Book 2 of the Fallen Angel Chronicles Series

    Fallen Angel, Damian Fontaine was banished from heaven for too often indulging in sex with humans. He has made the best of his eight hundred years on earth by creating missions to help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that eludes them.

    Twenty-two year old Sarah Downing leads a life of quiet desperation in a small town. She has lived under the control of a domineering father and a cold mother. She longs for the freedom to expand her horizons, to experience life, and to find someone who will love her. When a handsome and mysterious stranger appears seemingly out of nowhere, he claims her silent pleas for help summoned him. He wants to help her explore her hidden desires.

    Will her father’s puritanical teachings keep her imprisoned or will the mesmerizing stranger teach her to fly?


    “Hello, Sarah. I’m glad to see you. I was beginning to think you had changed your mind.”

    She climbed the three steps to the porch as she offered a shy smile. “I’m sorry. My father…”

    “I understand. There’s no need for you to explain and certainly no need to apologize.” He held the door open for her, then followed her into the living room.

    He took her hand and slowly pulled her toward him. The wariness in her eyes and the slight tensing of her muscles said one thing, but the fact that she once again made no attempt to withdraw from his touch said something else. “I’ve seen this cabin often, but this is the first time I’ve ever been inside. You said you were just passing through, only staying for a few days?”

    “Yes, that’s true. I’m here because you summoned me. Your cry for help traveled on the air until it reached me. I’m here at your request, Sarah. I’m here to help you…to teach you…to introduce you to the world you long to experience.”

    “I summoned you?” She shook her head as she furrowed her brow in confusion. “I don’t understand. I haven’t phoned anyone—”


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Mission Innocence

Mission Innocence

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