Mission Inevitable by Samantha Gentry

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1658-1

    Page Count: 96

    Word Count: 21791

    Fallen Angel Chronicles Book 3

    Fallen Angel, Damian Fontaine was banished from heaven for too often indulging in sex with humans. He has made the best of his eight hundred years on earth by creating missions to help repressed mortals find the sexually fulfilling life that eludes them.

    Advertising executive Hayley Vincent believes Ward Dawson, her ridiculously hot best friend and sometimes lover, would be the perfect man if he didn’t have a severe case of commitment phobia. She’s been in love with him for years. Then a steamy new neighbor moves in across the hall, and she has to wonder if it might be time to move on...or at least try to spark some jealousy and change her status with Ward from friends with benefits to something permanent.

    While Damian works toward completing his current mission, he begins to question the meaning of his centuries-old relationship with Rhiannon, a witch with a sexual appetite as veracious as his, and the sudden stirrings of mortal emotions. Has he been on Earth too long or is there more at hand?


    “So, that’s our new neighbor. When did you meet him?”

    Hayley made no move to enter her apartment or invite Ward in, a situation that obviously surprised him. Ward and Damian—both very handsome and incredibly sexy, yet very different. Ward took her for granted. Damian seemed thoughtful and considerate. There was one similarity. Ward was an incredible lover, and Damian exhibited every indication of being equally talented.

    She quickly dismissed the inappropriate thoughts and returned her attention to Ward’s question. “We met at the grocery store today. I was doing some shopping on my lunch hour.”

    Ward glanced toward Damian’s front door. “Seems like a nice enough guy.” His words might have been innocent, but she caught the slight edge of irritation in his voice, and for some unknown reason, it pleased her. “What was that he was saying about the tennis court and theater tickets?”

    She shot him what could almost be described as a challenging look. “Damian is going to give me some tennis lessons.”

    “Tennis lessons?” Genuine surprise covered his face. “I told you I’d be glad to teach you how to play.”

    Hayley wrestled with the nature of the conversation and the slight tension that suddenly filled the air. “Yes. You told me several times, but that’s as far as it went. Every time I brought it up, you said you’d teach me, but then you never seemed to have the time. You made it clear you really didn’t want to so I finally decided to drop the subject.” She paused a moment, then continued. “I know how hectic your schedule is, so this will work out for both of us. I’ll finally get my tennis lessons, and you won’t need to rearrange your busy schedule just to accommodate me.”

    Uncertainty darted across his handsome features and clouded his turquoise eyes. She had finally gotten his attention with something.

    “I…I didn’t realize it was such a pressing matter.”

    She offered a casual smile. “No problem. Don’t worry about it. But since we happen to be discussing tennis, could I borrow one of your rackets?”

    He wrinkled his brow into a slight frown as if he didn’t comprehend the nature of her question. “Borrow one of my rackets?”

    She tilted her head and raised a questioning eyebrow. “Is that a problem? I don’t want to invest in a good racket until I have a lesson or two, in case I discover that I don’t like tennis as much as I thought I would.”

    “Uh, no, no problem at all.” He paused as if searching for the proper words. “I can teach you to play tennis. You don’t need to impose on our new neighbor.”

    “I didn’t ask him. He volunteered. And…” She shot Ward a purposeful look. “He even set a specific day and time, eight o’clock Sunday morning, rather than leaving it as some unspecified future date, a time referred to as sometime.” She glanced at her watch and quickly moved to terminate their conversation. “Well, it’s late and I’m tired.” She extended a friendly smile, but not a personal one. “See you later.”

    With that, she entered her apartment and left Wade standing all alone in the hall. Guilty pleasure flooded through her. The startled look on his face pleased her. It seemed that she had truly gotten his attention, even if only for the moment.


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Mission Inevitable

Mission Inevitable

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