Silencing Memories by Desiree Holt

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1636-9

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1637-6

    Page Count: 322

    Word Count: 82799

    Guardian Security Book 2

    Just when architect Lindsey Ferrell thinks she's gotten her life back on track, the terrible nightmares return, and out of nowhere, a stalker sends a note to her office. Photos follow, then emails, and she can't dismiss the threat any longer. Hiring security seems the logical answer, but there's nothing logical about her body's reaction to the sinfully sexy expert bent on keeping her safe.

    Guardian Security partner Nick Vanetta believes there's more behind the situation than a simple fixation, and he wonders if the answer is buried somewhere in her past. As they dig deeper into her family history, the sizzling attraction between them burns hotter and the job becomes much more than playing bodyguard to this headstrong woman. To protect the woman he loves, he must find the stalker...before it's too late.

    This book was previously published under the title Echoes but has been heavily revised.


    The memories could easily kill her…

    Damn! This man was sex on a stick, and she’d stayed away from that stick for a very long time. Heat surged through her body, firing her pulse into an erratic rhythm. Her beasts felt heavy, her nipples tingled, and her panties became suddenly damp. She wanted to squeeze her thighs together to still the throbbing in her sex.

    Nick Vanetta should come wearing a sign that said Beware.


    She took a deep breath and, forcing a calmness she didn’t feel, rose and held out her hand. When he took it, a sudden wave of electricity crackled between them. If she hadn’t seen the sudden flare of heat in his eyes, she might have thought he was unaffected. Uh oh.

    She exhaled slowly, mentally pulled herself together, and retrieved her hand.


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Silencing Memories

Silencing Memories

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