Michael by Marie Tuhart

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1594-2

    Page Count: 90

    Word Count: 20034

    Doms of the Silver Screen Book 1

    Rising Hollywood star Michael Levin is up for a career-launching role, and his potential co-star seems to think she’ll be next in his bed. He has no reason to stray. He has a sexy leading lady at home, Kelsey Pierce, who knows how to give him what he needs—her submission. But when the paparazzi insinuates the chemistry between Michael and his co-star is more than playing a role, Kelsey fears he’ll walk out on her like her past actor boyfriends. Can Michael convince Kelsey he’s the perfect leading man—and Dom—before it’s too late?


    “Hello, sweet Kelsey.” Michael’s husky voice swept over her skin like a lover’s caress.

    “What’s up?” Kelsey smiled.

    “Can’t I just call my lady love to talk?”

    She paused. Lady love?

    Don’t get to serious, Michael had warned when they first moved in together. He wasn’t ready for marriage, and she wasn’t, either.

    “Yes, but that’s not who you are.” She took a deep breath. He’d rather talk and do things in person, not over the phone. Well, except last week when he was in Dom mode and didn’t have a choice.

    “You know me too well.” He let out a chuckle. “Listen, Chris called me and wants me to come in this afternoon to run through another scene. So I’ll be late getting home tonight.”

    “Okay.” Kelsey nibbled at her lower lip. She trusted Michael, but she didn’t trust that blonde bombshell.

    “I’ll do my best to be home by seven. Don’t work too hard.” With that he hung up and Kelsey fought against calling him back for reassurance.


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