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Submit to the Fire by Abby Gordon

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1690-1

    Page Count: 157

    Word Count: 35510

    Interstellar Matchmaker Book 4

    The youngest of the family, Tina Andersson has been fighting for respect her entire life. She's tired of being seen as “the baby,” everyone telling her what to do. Even her sexy boss, the town doctor who stirs her most submissive fantasies, treats her like a child. Flirting seems to have no impact at all on his stoic manner. A pole dancing class is exactly what she needs to work off her sexual frustration, but there's no remedy for getting over the good doctor.

    Abandoned by his parents, Dr. Jake Simmons holds onto two things—his medical practice and his older cousin the local judge. But his obsession with his newest nurse makes it difficult to focus. Besides being his employee, she's too young, too innocent. He struggles to control his attraction to the sweet seductress. She wouldn't understand his need to dominate. But when his cousin hatches a plan that throws them together, he's forced to expose his true nature and risk losing her forever.

    With the help of Allura, the Interstellar Matchmaker, can Jake show Tina that the she freedom craves is the freedom to submit?


    “Never underestimate the eroticism of pole dancing,” Jake replied. “Man, I still have dreams of that last trip.”

    “So no more lap dances for you?”

    Tina caught her breath. Pole dancing? Lap dances? Her stiff-necked proper boss liked…

    “I’m not saying those aren’t nice as well,” Jake continued. “There’s just something about those moves…and if you’re really lucky, and pay well enough, you can still get a lap dance…” He turned and saw them. “Darcy. Tina. Morning.”

    “We can come back if now is a bad time,” Darcy observed frostily. “I would hate to interrupt your reminiscing.”

    Tina couldn’t speak. All her concentration was on the drop of water running down Jake’s torso from his throat, between his pecs, along the…holy crap, he had an eight-pack.

    “Tina? You’re going to make me blush if you keep staring at me like that?”

    The deep voice rumbled through her, making her toes curl and her pussy clench. Gasping, she realized Jake stood right in front of her. Looking up, she saw the amused, knowing gleam in his eyes. She glanced around for Darcy, but her cousin and Hank were headed toward the car.

    “Sorry,” she mumbled. “I was daydreaming.”

    About licking that water right off his body. About following its path below the jeans.


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Submit to the Fire

Submit to the Fire

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