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Embracing Him by C. Shell

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1613-0

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1614-7

    Page Count: 318

    Word Count: 90640

    Harlow Book Two

    Sometimes the thing you try the hardest to ignore is the one thing you need the most.

    Jessica Grayson met CEO Alex Harlow working at his magazine and fell head over heels. But he was everything she had learned to distrust—rich, handsome, and alpha—and when he betrayed her, she walked away. Determined to move on, she’s dried her tears and trashed the ice cream cartons, ready for whatever comes her way.

    Alex Harlow has never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome and that includes winning back the feisty make-up artist who challenges him at every turn. Using every tool at his disposal, he manipulates the playing field to keep Jessica close until he can earn her trust, all while dealing with his wife-in-name-only. His secrets run deep, but with his heart on the line, he’ll go the distance to prove his love for her is real.

    When outside forces step-in, Alex and Jessica must not only fight for their lives, but for the happily-ever-after they both crave.


    Sometimes the thing you try the hardest to ignore, is the one thing you need the most.

    “I’m going to tell you something, and I want you to understand that I say this with love.”

    Raising my head from the soft pillow, I push my wild mane of hair out of my face and stare up at Jane through puffy, cried out eyes. I grimace seeing the concern and sadness shadowing her face. I did that. I’ve caused my best friend’s laugh lines to disappear, leaving only worry ones in their absence. My petulant wallowing in my own self-pity has taken a drastic toll on Jane, and I hate myself for dragging her into my mess.

    “I’m not going to like what you have to say, am I?”

    “Probably not,” she answers with a sigh.

    Moving bags of chips and cookies out of her way she stretches out beside me on the bed. She’s taking her time getting comfortable, which I take as a bad sign. I don’t expect this to be a quick pep talk. After wiggling under the covers and re-fluffing the pillows for the second time, she finally settles in.

    “Sweetie, you look like shit. I’ve seen hobos with less oil in their hair than you. It’s not healthy hiding away in your bed day after day, eating junk food, and watching old movies. It’s time to get off your ass, take a much-needed hot shower, change into something other than that damn shirt of his, and join the living again.”

    I wince at her choice of words. I don’t have a clue what day it is or how long I’ve been holed up, surrounded by these same four walls. I’ve prayed over and over for all the hurt consuming me to evaporate, but my prayers have gone unanswered. After the first day of his relentless calls, texts, and emails, I turned off my phone and cut myself off from everyone except Jane and Jax. I had all our work calls forwarded to Jane’s phone while I’ve taken up permanent residence in my room, only leaving when my stomach demands substance or to take a shower.

    As pathetic as it sounds, Jane isn’t exaggerating about me still wearing Alex’s shirt. His scent is a mere shadow of what it once was, but if I concentrate hard enough, I can still get a whiff of it every now and then.

    If this is what love leads to, then count me out. I hate who I’ve become.


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Embracing Him

Embracing Him

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