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Passion Unscripted by Anya Sharpe

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1703-8

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1704-5

    Page Count: 264

    Word Count: 60580

    A celebrity playboy looking for love...

    Carson Wells’ heart closed up shop six years ago when his fiancée ran off with his rock-star best friend. Since then, the dancer-actor has turned his back on serious relationships, seeking no-strings, down-and-dirty sex with a laundry list of hot women. But lately, a growing loneliness tugs at his gut...along with an unrelenting desire for his co-star. When he finally acts on their smoldering mutual attraction, there’s no turning back. He’s hooked.

    A sassy screen star putting her heart on the line...

    Having spent years guarding her scarred heart, Lara Kincaid is totally out of her depth with the fiery attraction to her playboy leading man. His history with women is a deep well, and her insecurities and secrets run even deeper. Even so, something about the man tugs at her heart and soul. Carson’s sex appeal and charming persuasion have cast a spell on her, but their pasts threaten to unravel that magic. She’s dipped a toe in the water—should she dive right in, she just might drown.


    Can he ad lib his way into her heart?

    “Howdy, Cowboy.” She boldly met his gaze.

    He didn’t respond for a beat or two, allowing the tension between them to build.

    Did the woman make a habit of parking her very fine ass on cars? Whatever—that scorching hot body was made to sit on them.

    “It appears you are sitting on my car.” He kept his intense gaze trained on her. Lara’s lip twitched almost imperceptibly.

    “It appears so.”

    “No one sits on the Lamborghini.”

    “That so?”

    “That’s so.”

    “What’re you gonna do about it, Cowboy?” She cocked her head ever so slightly to the side, the hint of a smile playing on her pouty, perky lips. His dick twitched, but he didn’t respond for another few beats. Her lower lip trembled ever so slightly.

    “There are a lot of options.”

    “Options?” Her blue eyes widened.


    The sound of her sucking in another breath made his dick twitch again. He could see her breathing become slightly irregular as her chest rose and fell. Those lips tempted him mercilessly, but he held onto the groan building inside.

    “Babe…you’re playing with fire, you know,” he said, testing her resolve.

    “I like fire. The hotter, the better.” She spoke softly, but didn’t back down, staring straight into his eyes without wavering.

    Fuck me on a Sunday.



Passion Unscripted

A totally sweet, sexy, and sassy novel. The banter between Carson and Lara is flirty, fun, and lighthearted. The love scenes are hot, the words sizzle off the page! A really fabulous first book by Anya Sharpe, can't wait for the next one.

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    Passion Unscripted

    Passion Unscripted

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