Lone Wolf's Surrender by Bliss Brant

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1809-7

    Page Count: 102

    Word Count: 23652

    Moster Ball Book One

    Thirteen years ago, Priscilla accepted Quinn’s marriage proposal and sealed the sacred promise with a kiss. Four hours later, knowing he'd never forgive her, she walked away to save his life. Now she’s desperate for his help and will do anything to gain his trust. Even if it means giving him her body. After all, he still has her heart.

    Lone Wolf Quinn Messala has no intention of attending the Monster Ball, but the invitation he receives is hexed by magic and transports him to the center of a crowded ballroom…naked and surrounded by the familiar scent of the woman who once ripped out his heart. One look at Priss and his wolf wants to claim her once more. He'll take what she offers, but this time, he'll be the one to walk away.


    The smell of her arousal teased his senses, and cut off all logical thought. He burned with need and tightened his arms, growling as his tongue slipped into her mouth. He stroked and explored, tasting her thoroughly. Lifting her skirt, he smoothed his hands over her hips and caught the elastic of her thong. He ripped the crotch and yanked her closer.

    She moaned.

    He hated that he craved her when all he’d wanted since leaving Jasper was for her to suffer as he had. Hell. He dropped the fabric and took a step back. “What’s going on, Priss? Did you go to all this trouble to get me here for a good fuck?”

    “If I’d wanted a good fuck, I’d have called someone else.” Priscilla wanted to slap the smirk off Quinn’s face. Only she couldn’t. She needed his help, would do whatever he demanded to gain it.

    Anxiety rolled around in her stomach as she considered the situation. Money had topped her list of expectations that he might demand. Sex had never entered her thoughts. Given their past, it should have. She had to gain his cooperation. If that was the only way to get it, she’d gladly do the deed.

    It wasn’t like they hadn’t already been together. Truth be told, since she would never see Quinn again once he left, having sex with him seemed a great idea. Her wolf agreed wholeheartedly. The bitch would have had her strip, drop to all fours and wag her ass the second she’d seen Quinn in all his naked glory. Good thing Priscilla had control…most of the time.



Enjoyable read

Interesting wolf story with a different twist. Love the idea of the Monster Ball. Well rounded characters. I'm anxious to meet the heroes and heroines in the upcoming stories.

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    Lone Wolf's Surrender

    Lone Wolf's Surrender

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