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Play A Game With Me by Cadence Vonn

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1766-3

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1767-0

    Page Count: 242

    Word Count: 61719

    Games People Play Book One

    Maximilian Westfield has resurrected his family’s company under the controlling eye of the major shareholder–his mother. To keep the company, he must marry the woman she chooses, no matter how inane or spineless. He is resigned to go through with the arranged marriage until he meets a feisty costume designer who will never meet his mother's standards. A stolen kiss spurs his lustful cravings. Once he tastes the spirited beauty’s charms, he knows he has to find a way to keep her and his company. No other woman will do.

    The daughter of a powerful British businessman, Teresa Medici Staffordshire leads her life as Tess Medici to avoid men out to please her father. Then she meets Maximilian, a sexy uptight CEO. From the moment he unleashes his expert fingers on her skin, she’s hooked. His erotic games make her body hum with pleasure. Determined to lure Max out to play, every encounter becomes a game of enticement. But his commitment to his family business and his mother’s determination to marry him off makes it impossible to take the relationship public, and Tess refuses to be his guilty little secret.

    Choices become consequences, their future is on the line, and Max and Tess are running out of time.


    Max stood transfixed. His fingers fisted together, and he scanned her body before he said, “May I come in?”

    She stepped out of the way, sweeping her arm in a welcoming gesture.

    “What brings you here, Maximilian?” She coughed to clear the tightness in her throat. He looked good in his polo shirt and black slacks. But a tad lost as he pressed into her apartment without taking his eyes from her face.

    “I found myself outside hoping the need to see you would pass. I wanted to convince myself that last night was a fluke, but now, when I saw you standing here, all thought of not being with you flew out the window. Damn, I want you.” He pulled her into his arms. He gripped her ass, crushing her against him as he claimed her mouth in a hard kiss.

    Tess buried her fingers in the waves of hair near the nape of his neck. She held his head so she could deepen the kiss he’d already started. His breath tasted of scotch, and she wondered how many glasses he drank trying to forget her.

    Finally, she broke away. “What are we going to do about us?”

    “Right now, I want to take you to bed.”


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Play A Game With Me

Play A Game With Me

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