Turning a New Paige: A Groundhog Day Romance by Ginny B. Nescott

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1904-9

    Page Count:

    Word Count: 25570

    Paige Holiday Book One

    More than her car is snowed in on Groundhog Day...
    The loss of her job spurs Paige Myers to a rash decision. She needs a new start. With her car packed to the roof, she leaves behind her expensive Atlanta apartment and ex-boyfriend and heads to her aunt's home in the snowy north. When a storm forces her to seek refuge in a small town restaurant, a flamboyant waiter introduces her to his hot, straight cousin celebrating his Groundhog Day birthday.
    Paige isn’t looking for a man, but this one is hard to resist, especially when her car gets plowed in and he’s offering a warm room at the B&B. Rebound or not, it’s a Groundhog Day that melts more than the ice around them.


    “Aren’t you glad I’m not like that…whoever that lug is in Buckhead? He clearly has no appreciation of women or relationships by the way. He seems like a fool to let you go. That much I do know.”

    “Groundhog Man, you’re just saying that to flatter me.”

    “No. I’m saying that because you need to understand that before we can move on. I know how it works. I only have a few hours until my birthday, and I don’t want to spend that time being compared to some idiot. I want you to like me for my own idiocy.”

    “And your donuts. I could like you for your donuts.”

    He raised his coffee mug to her cocoa. “My donuts are special. Very large and special.”

    “Oh Pu-leeeze.” Paige rolled her eyes as she rose.

    “Would warm be better? Sticky? I really didn’t want to go with doughy. Would tasty have done the trick?”

    “I need to go to the restroom.”

    “Not going to be ill, are you? I wasn’t that objectionable.”

    She just smiled and shrugged playfully. “A girl does need some relief.”


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Turning a New Paige: A Groundhog Day Romance

Turning a New Paige: A Groundhog Day Romance

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