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Heaven's Watcher by Kayden Claremont

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1901-8

    Page Count: 107

    Word Count: 22857

    Rated: 1 Roses

    Heavenly Bodies Book 2

    Leather-wearing, motorcycle riding PI Heaven Vaughan is working undercover in a Las Vegas casino for the DA. She must find the evidence to convict the casino boss of ordering her brother killed, but the tall, dark, sex-on-a-stick head of security is constantly watching her. Just knowing he’s got his monitors focused on her makes her hot, and she can’t help but make sure he has something as equally arousing to look at.

    Straight-arrow Darius Turner has one job—to safeguard the people in the casino. The feisty redhead dominating his viewing pleasure is playing havoc with his duties and with his libido. All he wants is to take her up on her teasing invitations, but he can’t let her get too close. If Heaven discovers his true identity, there’ll be hell to pay.


    In the elevator, he gazed at her as his scent permeated the small space, sending a pulsing electricity down her spine. She shifted her weight from her left foot to her right and back again, trying to ease the need building between her legs. Being so close to him suddenly caused the air to escape her lungs. “You realize this isn’t necessary.”

    He straightened his gold cufflinks. “I think it is.”

    She scrutinized his thick flexing fingers. Heat rushed through her, warming every inch of skin.

    The elevator doors opened. He nodded for her to leave first. She stepped out into the hall, and in a second, he was beside her again, leading her.

    Heaven paused at the office while he opened the door and walked into his lair. Behind the desk, monitors filled the wall.

    For a second, she stopped. Every part of the casino and hotel were displayed. She pointed at the wall. “You watch all of these? At once?”

    Darius chuckled as he passed her. “I have a team who views them.” The corner of his lips turned up. “I check up on things from time to time.”

    He lugged out the chair in front of the desk. “Please.”

    Heaven sat down. “So, you enjoy watching?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she heard the innuendo.

    His eyebrow rose as devilment danced in his eyes. “You could say that.”

    “I didn’t mean…” Heat crossed her cheeks. Damn, how unprofessional to blush. She’d never been the teenager with a crush on the quarterback.


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Heaven's Watcher

Heaven's Watcher

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