Resort Virgins by Laura M. Baird

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1886-8

    Page Count: 80

    Word Count: 18201

    Rated: 3 Roses

    After twenty-five years of marriage, Violet and Max agree their vanilla sex life needs a little spice. Spending their anniversary at a tropical fantasy resort just might open the door to a new love life and bring them closer together. But engaging in pleasure with another couple produces different results for each of them, and unleashed desires could do more harm than good and ruin their marriage after all.


    “Know what I want?” she whispered.

    “Besides me?”

    Violet chuckled at her husband’s response. Max was always quick-witted and flirty, and lately he’d been more amorous than usual. Not that she’d complain, as she knew men’s sexual desires tended to wane as they got older. Well, at age forty-five, Max’s desires showed no signs of slowing down. But after nearly twenty-five years of marriage, as active as their sex life was, it became routine, comfort and predictability their motto.

    Their attempts at anything other than vanilla sex had been almost embarrassing.

    Max jokingly suggested they might need an intervention: a sexual intervention. And after several comments along those lines, Violet began to wonder if he really hadn’t been joking.

    That’s why tonight, she decided to engage in something he had recently suggested, something to add a little spark. She wanted to be impulsive and daring; hopefully without looking like an idiot.

    They sat snuggling on the couch after enjoying a surprisingly warm autumn day. All too soon, the rains would descend on Portland, and they’d grumble about not taking advantage of the fleeting pleasant weather.

    “I, uh, I thought we could watch an adult movie,” Violet spoke into his chest before deciding she needed to be more confident. She looked up at her husband, giving him a smile. “Spice things up a bit.”

    “Really?” he questioned. “I mean, yeah, you know I’m all for it.” He leaned in to nuzzle her ear and whispered, “But can I hear you say porn?” He chuckled against her, tickling and causing goose bumps to rise.

    She squirmed and nearly snorted as she answered, “Let’s watch porn.”

    “Ooo yea, I want to see what dirty little secrets you’re holding inside.”


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Resort Virgins

Resort Virgins

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