A Paige in Cupid's Book: A Valentine's Day Romance by Ginny B. Nescott

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1949-0

    Page Count: 164

    Word Count: 36782

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Paige Holiday Book Two

    His touch could melt the snow surrounding her...

    After leaving her life in Atlanta, Amelia Paige Myers lands on the doorstep of her aunt’s inherited farmhouse in the dead of a Pennsylvania winter. Instead of a quick fix, Paige’s temporary home is hoarded to the rafters and needs serious work. Her new-found love “interest” is there to help but distracts her with his sizzling touch. She's not sure if Michael's a rebound or the real thing, but their romance and a fast approaching Valentine's Day inspires a little matchmaking.

    Clocks, a cat, roses, and a cranky aunt who doesn't believe in love—things never go according to planned, and time is running out. Paige could sure use a page from Cupid's book.


    Paige waved off her aunt. Linney took the hint.

    “Ignore her. Here’s one for the road.” Paige handed him a travel mug of coffee. “And here’s one really for the road.” She kissed him, openmouthed. It was a deep, moaning kiss.

    “Bye, now. Drive safe,” she said and closed the door on a stunned Michael.

    Paige brushed her hands together. “There. Got all Southern on him. That should tide him over.”

    Knock. Knock.

    Paige opened the door. “Why did you knock?”

    “The doorbell doesn’t work.” Michael said.

    Paige just groaned at the old joke.

    He pressed the bell again. “No, it really doesn’t work.”

    “I’ll put it on the fix-it list,” her aunt called from the living room.

    Michael reached toward Paige. She closed her eyes for another kiss. Instead, he picked up his satchel and computer bag. She sighed. Just when she gave up on one last kiss and thought he was leaving, he pulled her in, holding her tightly to his broad chest.

    “Soon, Flee.” He kissed her again, plunging his tongue into her mouth, grinding his hips against hers, moaning until she let out a soft whimper of need. It was only then that he released her and walked to his car with bags in hand.

    “Umm,” was all that came to Paige’s tingling lips.

    “Michael, the name’s Michael.” He beamed. “Thanks for the amazing birthday and beyond, Amelia Paige Myers. Get some work on the house done.”

    “You, too. I mean, your work, not the house, and rest up,” she called after him.

    He nodded. “Text me if you ever get a signal. Better yet, get some Wi-Fi.”

    He stared at Paige and slid into his car. Something in his expression dripped sincerity. It told her he’d return. He had to.

    Neither said the words lovers say. He waved before driving off, without fishtailing even once. She looked longingly after him, and it had nothing to do with how well his car hugged the road.


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A Paige in Cupid's Book: A Valentine's Day Romance

A Paige in Cupid's Book: A Valentine's Day Romance

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