Erecting Barriers by LJ Vickery

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1902-5

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1903-2

    Page Count: 362

    Word Count: 93277

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Immortals Book 8

    The gods of the underworld were cursed and cast out, made to wander unseen upon the human world…
    Kulla, the divine architect, has finally found his Chosen, the only one who can make him corporeal again. Because of an edict from Hell four hundred years ago, Obedience slipped through his fingers. He’ll be damned if she does it again.The feisty red-headed witch makes his temper rise along with certain body parts, but he is destined to spend eternity with her, like it or not.
    Obedience is still angry, believing Kulla abandoned her to an unknown fate back in old Salem. But she can’t resist the sexy deity―or the needs of his group―much longer. It nearly broke her when he refused to marry her all those years ago and neglected to reveal himself as a god. This time, their future―if they have one―will be on her terms.


    Four Hundred years… If she thought he had any more patience, she was wrong.

    Kulla collapsed on his stomach, all fight gone. Obedience rushed to his side.

    “What were you thinking?” Kulla let out a deep breath, quivering with fear that she might have been taken.

    Obedience ignored him and gathered up the bits and pieces she assumed to be parts of him. When finished, she looked at the pile on the ground in bewilderment. “What happens now?” The witch watched, helplessly as the rock-man turned back into his god body.

    “Now, I pretty much go through hell.” As stone limbs turned to flesh, and blood gushed from every cut and appendage. “Time to get me back to Doctor Dani. She’ll fix everything.” He attempted a smile, but his eyes rolled back in his head. Kulla’s grip on consciousness slipped away. And yeah. Why not? A god could only take so much.


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Erecting Barriers

Erecting Barriers

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