A Long & Lusty Road by Gina Blake

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1875-2

    Page Count: 46

    Word Count: 9991

    Rated: 3 Roses

    Good Girls Do Book 2

    Being the boss isn’t without benefits…

    Charlotte Carter is taking over a new company, and that means making a speech in front of her new employees. Her nerves have gotten the better of her, and there’s only one cure for a churning stomach. Sex. Hot and hard. And the man who just sat in the corner booth at a roadside diner might be the one to give her what she needs.


    Charlotte smiled and lifted her skirt higher up her leg as the car approached.

    She’d wondered how far she would walk before he came along. Several cars had honked at her as they sped by. Two had offered her a lift, but they weren’t the one she was waiting for. She had her sights set on the well-hung dude in the diner. From the way he was surreptitiously rubbing the bulge between his legs, she knew he was in trouble.

    Just what she wanted, what she needed today. A man who so obviously enjoyed sex that he would rub his crotch in a crowded diner was the kind of guy she’d been looking for. Maybe he didn’t get any last night. She smiled. He would probably be desperate for it. As was she.

    She really needed some good, hard sex today. It had been a while.

    He slowed down and pulled over. “Hop in.”

    “Thanks.” She opened the door of the open topped car, got in, and wriggled her backside on the passenger seat to get comfortable.

    “Where are you going?” he asked. His gaze scanning her entire body made tingles of awareness scoot up her spine.

    She turned to smile at him. “All the way. You?”


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A Long & Lusty Road

A Long & Lusty Road

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