Tender Lusting Care by Gina Blake

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1960-5

    Page Count: 31

    Word Count: 6231

    Rated: 3 Roses

    Good Girls Do Book 3

    Service with a smile…

    Hotel manager Gemma Collins knows what men like. She also knows what she likes—making a lonely man feel wanted. When a man with lonely eyes arrives at the front desk, she knows exactly what to do to lift his spirits. A little hospitality will do the trick…along with some tender lusting care.


    “Can I help you, sir?” Even her voice had a soft, sexy tone.

    Oh babe, you could help me tonight, that’s for sure. He tried to smile even as a sudden rush of blood tented his pants, pulling them tight across his eager cock. Down boy. “I’m hoping you have a room for the night,” he said, looking around as nonchalantly as he could, “but you look crowded. Are you full?”

    She glanced at him under her lashes. “Oh, I’m sure we can find you a room, sir.”

    His pants pulled tighter. He smiled, aware of the heat rising up his neck. “I’d be grateful if you could.”

    She moved to a computer and tapped a few keys. “Yes, here we are. A cozy, single room on the third floor. Will that suit?” she asked, flashing him another glance.

    Was she giving him the come on? No such luck. Right now though, he was glad she’d found a room for him. He sighed with relief. “Cozy, huh? Sounds great. Thanks.”

    “And will sir be wanting dinner tonight?”

    He managed another smile. “Yes, I would. I’ll be down in about an hour.” That would give him plenty of time to get out of these wet clothes and…

    The thought of eating a lukewarm meal in a dining room full of people suddenly made him want to gag. Nothing like a room full of people, all talking and laughing, to make a guy feel more alone than ever.

    Dammit. He wouldn’t eat in the dining room. He’d have his fucking dinner in his fucking room and have a fucking hard wank. He could certainly do with one. He was overdue some solo pleasure. It wasn’t as though he’d be hurting anyone else. He’d just be making himself feel a little better. Well, better than he was feeling right now anyway. And he still had work to do. “I’ve changed my mind. I’ll have dinner in my room.”

    “Certainly, sir.” She handed him the card key. “Room three one one.”

    “Thanks.” He reached out to take the key. Did she hold on to it a little longer than necessary? Nah! It was his imagination.

    He smiled and she smiled back pleasantly, almost as though she knew what he was thinking. Finally. Hopefully. Wishfully.


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Tender Lusting Care

Tender Lusting Care

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