Better to Marry than to Burn by Michal Scott

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1947-6

    Page Count: 69

    Word Count: 13825

    Rated: 2 Roses

    Wife Wanted: Marital relations as necessary. Love not required nor sought...

    A bridal lottery seems the height of foolishness to ex-slave Caesar King, but his refusal to participate in the town council’s scheme places him in a bind. He has to get married to avoid paying a high residence fine or leave the Texas territory. After losing his wife in childbirth, Caesar isn’t ready for romance. A woman looking for a fresh start without any emotional strings is what he needs.

    Queen Esther Payne, a freeborn black from Philadelphia, has been threatened by her family for her forward-thinking, independent ways. Her family insists she marry. Her escape comes in the form of an ad. If she must marry, it will be on her terms. But her first meeting with the sinfully hot farmer proves an exciting tussle of wills that stirs her physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

    In the battle of sexual one-upmanship that ensues, both Caesar and Queen discover surrender can be as fulfilling as triumph.


    Caesar gulped air through his mouth, unable to deny the thoughts rendering him dumb. Beside him sat no emotionally unattached marriage of convenience partner. Beside him sat his equal.

    And he wanted her, wanted all of her.

    The intelligence shining in her eyes.

    The spirit driving her defiance.

    The fire fueling her sexual response to him.

    The will compelling his sexual response to her.

    He wanted all she had to give, needed the intelligence, the spirit, the fire, the will, but hadn’t known it…or at least, hadn’t been willing to admit it.

    Hungry for another whiff of her erotic aroma, he inhaled deeply. Neither schoolmarm nor ice princess rode with him now. She handled him as expertly as she handled Rex’s reins.

    “You collected yourself yet, Mr. King?”

    Her cool tone chilled and incited. He pulled in a deep breath. “Almost, Mrs. King.” He sucked in another gulp of air. “Almost.”


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Better to Marry than to Burn

Better to Marry than to Burn

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