Music to His Ears by Allie Standifer

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2040-3

    Page Count: 58

    Word Count: 14322

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Willow Madison is country music’s reigning princess, but she’s handing in her crown. Tired of all work and no play, Willow retires from singing for her supper. The first thing on her To-Do list is an old high school crush, Deacon Travers. He never saw beyond her crooked teeth and frizzy hair, but hopefully, she’ll make it past the friend zone and into the erogenous one.

    Deacon's out of the Navy and ready to start the rest of his life. Only he needs to get a few things off his chest, like being in love with America’s sweetheart. Even if Willow remembers her old high school pal, does he stand a chance of stealing her heart?

    Having a past doesn’t promise they’ll have a future. But judging by their shared passion, the chances are good.


    “How did you end up here tonight? No better offers come along?” She tried to joke her way into the information without giving out how very much she wanted to know.

    Instead of joining her low chuckle, Deacon bent down until his lips rested against her ear. “I came to see you, Pixie. To see if that offer still stands?”

    Each word whispered against her sensitive flesh, and she cursed the shiver that ran through her body. No way did she want Mr. Macho knowing how easily he affected her.

    For a moment, she didn’t understand. “Offer?”

    She squinted her nose and bit her upper lip as she thought. What offer could she have made to the military? She hadn’t seen Deacon in…

    Then she knew. Right before his heated breath trailed over the responsive skin of her neck, she knew.

    “You offered to show me the best night of my life if Ginger wasn’t in the picture.” He straightened up to his full six-foot-three-inch height while those burning hazel eyes never left her face. “Well, Ginger is gone, and here I am.”

    “Wait…” Think, think. As much as she wanted to fuck Deacon Travers’ brains out, a dressing room full of people was not the time or place. She shook her head, getting her feet mentally back under her. “Took you long enough, Deac. What happened? You get lost along the way to find me?”

    “Lost is one way to put it,” he said, finally dropping his gaze. “But I meant what I said. You promised me one night, anything and everything I wanted. No-holds-barred access to your body. Is that offer still valid?”


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Music to His Ears

Music to His Ears

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