What Wouldn't I Do by Allie Fisher

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-2019-9

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2020-5

    Page Count: 204

    Word Count: 58200

    Rated: 1 Rose

    I Do Book 2

    My name is Alana Reed Master...
    Doting wife and stay at home mom, that’s what I was, desperately in love with my husband, a man whose bedroom eyes matched his bedroom expertise. A single mom when we met, I fell hard and never looked back until the day he asked me for a legal separation. He won’t stop at divorce. He wants my girls, my home, and my life. And Dane Masters always gets what he wants.
    I never expected a man like Sam Kealoha to enter my life. Recovering from his own heartbreak, he's got the body of a Polynesian God and a primal protectiveness that is sexy as hell. He's the man of my dreams, but I can’t keep him. Now I’m forced to make choices that betray my heart while contemplating something I never thought I would do—get rid of my husband.


    Sometimes to protect the ones you love, the wrong thing becomes the right thing to do…

    I’m not sure how or when it happened, but I love him. Maybe it was that day on the dock, when I we first met. Him, there was something about him, something special that clicked. I realize all the time I spent loving Dane; he never loved me back. Not like a person, he loved me like you would a car or a house, a monetary possession, and it’s my fault. I allowed him to use me and settle for the tiny pieces of affection thrown my way, but I could never settle for that now. Not the way Sam makes me feel—protected, adored, truly loved.

    My new goal is to do anything in my power to protect the ones I love. I don’t care if I must spend the rest of my life licking Dane’s boots, I will do it, as long as my girls, friends, and Sam are safe and happy. I could do that for them, I could be stronger, for them.

    When Sam returns from Dane’s room he has a dark expression on his face and for a moment, I’m worried he did something stupid, but then I realize this is Sam, he is good through and through, and he would never lower himself or allow anger to rule him.

    Picking up his pace, I think he is about to pass me and leave, only to have him scoop me up and carry me out the door.


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What Wouldn't I Do

What Wouldn't I Do

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