Ice Hot by Gina Hollands

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2240-7

    Page Count: 46

    Word Count: 9646

    Rated: 1 Rose

    One night stands aren’t Sophie Reece’s style, except for that time three months ago. She’d thrown caution to the wind and had wild crazy sex with a hot stranger—no strings attached. She’d never see him again, right? Wrong.

    When Sophie finds herself on assignment in Iceland with none other than the very man she can’t forget—hot shot millionaire Daniel Balderas—she can only hope he won’t recognize her. But translating requires she remain close to him at all times, and the memories of their night together stoke a fire she can’t resist.


    To Sophie’s disappointment, Daniel didn’t offer her his hand for the return journey to the lodge, and they walked in companionable silence, hands stuffed in pockets against the biting, icy air.

    “Thanks for dinner,” she said as they reached the lodge. “I’ve had a lovely evening.” She meant every word. After the uncomfortable start to their evening, she had relaxed in Daniel’s company and laughed more than she could remember in a long time. His hard-faced businessman façade had retreated, and his sense of humor and charisma shone through. They talked long after they finished their meal and were the last diners to leave the restaurant.

    “The night is still young,” he said, his intense dark eyes shining in the moonlight.

    She hesitated, unsure what he was proposing. “Shouldn’t we go to bed—to sleep, I mean,” she added, hastily. “The big meeting is tomorrow, and we—”

    “Sophie,” he interrupted, impatiently. “I’ve tried to get what happened between us out of my mind. It’s not often I fail when I set myself a challenge, but today I have. On that score, at least. Trying to sleep would be futile, so rather than lie in bed, tossing and turning, I intend to prepare for tomorrow by enjoying these beautiful surroundings. Let me show you.”

    He didn’t wait for her to respond but grasped her hand and strode over to the jetty. The light from the burning lanterns flickered as they walked, highlighting the blackness of his thick, wavy hair.

    They reached the end of the jetty where the magnificent bubbling hot tub steamed in the freezing night air. Daniel pulled off his sweater, revealing a cotton T-shirt, which clung to the firm curves of his toned body. He tugged that off, too, and his smooth olive chest glowed golden by the light of the burning lanterns.

    She realized he wasn’t going to stop at his underwear, and a mixture of adventure and trepidation washed over her. “What are you doing?”

    “The feeling of warm water on bare skin is the best,” he responded with a wink and a hint of a dare in his voice. “Try it.”

    She stood still as he peeled off his tight designer boxer shorts. One glimpse of those perfectly sculpted buttocks and lean, toned thighs, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. He leapt into the hot tub and submerged his strapping body into the water. The water displaced, sending a wave sloshing over the side.

    “Come on. It’s great in here.” He raked a hand through his hair, which looked even darker when wet, and slicked it back away from his face to reveal serious, dark eyes.

    He’s even more gorgeous naked and wet.


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Ice Hot

Ice Hot

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