Mr. A by Juliet Chastain

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1992-6

    Page Count: 30

    Word Count: 5838

    Rated: 3 Roses

    A short, hot, bedtime read with a lot of dominance, some ménage, and a little spanking—all in a moving vehicle!

    The inexperienced Miss V joins the mysterious and demanding Mr. A for a steamy fling. She’s prepared to acquiesce to his every request, but she’s shocked when things get down and dirty with a side of kink. Will this be Miss V’s last job with Kink Inc., or will she leave her vanilla life behind forever?

    Kink Inc.: When the fabulously wealthy want to go wild, Kink Inc. sends Miss V to help them realize their deepest, most secret fantasies.


    For a moment, shocked, I open my mouth to object. I almost pull away. But I do not. I remember I must oblige him; I know I am only here to please him. Whatever he wishes to do to me, I must acquiesce. And crazily that knowledge makes me hotter, makes me passionately want him to continue.

    I open my eyes and our gazes lock. I can't quite understand what I see in his eyes. It seems to be a mixture of triumph, amusement, and pleasure. Then it changes, and I am looking at lust personified.


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Mr. A

Mr. A

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