Taste Me by Cali Caliente

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-2262-9

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2263-6

    Page Count: 200

    Word Count: 51210

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Italians Do It Best

    One impulsive tryst. One unforgettable fling.

    Culinary columnist Aurora Daring adores creating desserts with fresh fruit and dreams of becoming a pastry chef. Always on the lookout for new food places to review, she visits Love’s Farmer’s Market, an old barn converted into a ‘green store’ with all the wonders a gourmet cook could possibly want. She finds something else as well—a ruggedly handsome man who fulfills all her sexual fantasies in one impromptu encounter.
    Bryce Lovella loves his family's farm. His idea of expanding the farm to include a produce market is just the beginning of his aspirations. He also wants to start a family. When his twin brother, Brent, challenges him to find the perfect woman in two weeks’ time and get her to say I love you, Bryce eagerly agrees to play. He’s already seduced the woman of his dreams. There’s only one problem—he never got her name.



    She spun around and smiled, feeling a slight bit guilty for stalking him. But was she?

    Who cared? The responding smile on his face said he was happy to see her.

    His chest was bare, exposed by his unbuttoned shirt. Moisture beaded on his chest and forehead. He was the most mouth-watering thing she’d seen all night, and she’d left Antonio’s before dessert.

    “What are you doing here?” He was so close his warmth brushed her bare arms. He smelled of soap, sweat, and a faint whiff of aftershave—the one she remembered from earlier.

    “I wanted to make sure you were okay. You left so suddenly.”

    “I’m fine, as you can see. Just a problem with the thermostat on the refrigeration unit. Did you enjoy your meal?” He stepped closer and wiped his hands on the rag he held.

    “I did. It was wonderful.” And he was even more wonderful. She couldn’t wait for him to touch her, to kiss her senseless one more time.

    “And dessert? Did you choose something tasty?”

    She licked her lips, slow and deliberate. “I did, but I feel unsatisfied.”

    “And so, you came to see me?” He tossed the rag aside.


    Bryce pulled her into his arms and lowered his mouth to within inches of hers. “Tell me who you really are, mia bella.”

    Aurora giggled at his playfulness and knew she’d made the right decision to stop. She placed her hands on his bristled jaw and pulled him even closer to whisper next to his ear, “Your fantasy lover.”


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Taste Me

Taste Me

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