Mr. C by Juliet Chastain

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2275-9

    Page Count: 29

    Word Count: 5605

    Rated: 3 Roses

    A short, hot bedtime story with leather panties, a whip, and a man who appreciates them!

    Miss V wants to try everything as long as she can remain submissive. However, Mr. C has requested a steamy Dominatrix, and she must pretend to be up to the task. Will this be the end of her journey with Kink, Inc., or will Miss V discover a new side of her kinky self?

    Kink Inc. Series: When the fabulously wealthy want to go wild, Kink Inc. sends Miss V to help them realize their deepest, most secret fantasies.


    Mrs. Carr looks at me with narrowed eyes, making me very nervous about what is coming next. She runs Kink, Inc., the agency that services the kinky sexual desires of some of the world’s wealthiest men. I work for her as a submissive—the person who likes to be underneath during sex, who likes to be bossed around, tied up, and maybe even spanked. Call me a wimp, but that’s what suits me.

    “I think you could be more aggressive,” she says, smiling her wolfish smile. “I do believe under the right circumstances, you could play the dominant.”

    I shake my head. No way. Being dominated is what I’m into. And the more dominant my partner, the better I like it. I can’t even begin to imagine doing it the other way around.

    “I have a job I think might work for you.”

    Oh, shit. In my calmest voice I say, “I’m not the type to beat up on somebody. Not my thing.”

    She keeps on staring at me and smiling her dreadful smile. Every bone in my body tells me to protest more, but I need the money. Badly. More than a year without finding a job and living off credit cards will do that to you.

    Face it. The way Mrs. Carr pays, I ought to be happy to beat up some poor guy and make him kiss my feet or whatever. Hell, what’s the harm if it’s what he wants?


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Mr. C

Mr. C

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