Secrets of the East Wing by Gina Hollands

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2369-5

    Page Count: 63

    Word Count: 14382

    Rated: 2 Roses

    To the outside world, Countess Molly Bucklington has the perfect life. She lives in a beautiful English manor house as the wife to a handsome young earl. What nobody knows is that Molly agreed to a life of chastity within a marriage of convenience. In return for providing a façade for her husband's deviant sex life, she is able to live at Croft Hall, among the countryside and the horses she adores.

    Earl James Bucklington loves his wife, albeit in a platonic way. He only asks that she never enter the East Wing. She obeys, until one day temptation gets the better of her and she witnesses what really goes on in her husband's private quarters. Her initial shock soon gives way to curiosity, followed by the realization that she faces either losing the man she loves or becoming his wildest fantasy.


    Molly knelt on the luxuriously thick carpet and peered through the gap in the dressing screen. Sneaking into James’ room had been easier than she’d imagined.

    What was she playing at? Why was she teasing herself like this? She’d never possess him, not in the way she had craved over the last couple of days. Watching another installment of her husband’s love life was tantamount to masochism, surely.

    Seeing his enjoyment hit its crescendo sent Molly over the edge. As her husband groaned out his orgasm, ripples of pleasure washed through her. Her legs trembled, and she reached out to steady herself.

    The loud smack jolted her back to sobriety. She was no longer behind the dressing screen. It lay flat on the floor, and she was completely exposed to the foursome on the bed. A cold sweat engulfed her body, and she snatched her hand away from between her legs. The room was deadly quiet. Four sets of eyes were on her. No one spoke.

    Then Sia’s cut-glass vowels punctured the silence. “Well, James, we seem to have a voyeur in the room. Mmm, I like the thought we were being watched. Did you organize her as a surprise for us?”

    Everyone looked at James, who stared at Molly, mouth wide open.

    “That’s his wife,” Martie answered for him, in little more than a whisper.


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Secrets of the East Wing

Secrets of the East Wing

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