No Easy Way Out by Ella Grant

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2429-6

    Page Count: 153

    Word Count: 34004

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Nicole Eckels has a perfect life. Her GPA is excellent. She has a job waiting for her once she graduates. On top of that, she's dating the sexiest guy on campus, Fraser Tillman. All she has to worry about is satisfying the dean's expectations, meeting her boyfriend's father, and hoping her escapades with Fraser aren't loud enough to disturb her best friend and roommate, Genna. It seems like nothing can go wrong. But she knows better than anyone—perfect never lasts forever.
    When Dean of Students Lenora Peltin is murdered, Nicole quickly becomes the prime suspect. If she, Genna, and Fraser can't figure out who actually murdered Ms. Peltin, Nicole's perfect life—and future—will be over.


    His chest expanded and echoed with the rumble of his voice several moments later. “Babe, I need you to promise me something, and you probably won’t like it.”

    She pulled back and cocked her head. “What?”

    “If this gets to the point where you need a lawyer, at least let me take care of that?”

    “Fraser…” But the fight wasn’t in her.

    “Hang on. If you can’t live with me doing it for you, then let me do it for myself. I don’t exactly want people thinking I’m sleeping with a murderer, do I?” he teased, brushing her matted hair from her face. “Please, Nicole, let me do this much.”

    “You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?”

    “You know me too well.”

    “I know how you get when you want something.” Her vision was blurry when she looked at him, a smile playing at her lips. “After all, you studied like a maniac just to get me into bed, so…”


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No Easy Way Out

No Easy Way Out

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