Pillow Talk by Misté Rayne

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2452-4

    Page Count: 28

    Word Count: 5015

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Chez Luxxe Book One

    Stuck in a job with no time for a social life, Jessica Blythe finds excitement in an Internet chatroom with an imaginative stranger. She wishes her online fantasies could one day become reality, but because of distance and his desire for anonymity, that dream can never come true.
    Mitchell Tyler is at the height of his career, traveling the world for work. His only downtime is spent online with a sexy cyber lover. Her steamy sexting keeps him coming back for more and craving the physical touch he will never experience...or will he?
    When Mitch's job brings him to Jessica's city for a weekend seminar, they make plans to meet at Chez Luxxe. Will the heat of their online chat fizzle out, or will it lead to sizzling hot pillow talk?


    The response was almost immediate.—Hey there, sexy!

    She grinned, and the stress from her workday melted from her body.—How was your day? Any fun adventures?

    Work-related travel. Horrible traffic. No adventures today…yet.

    Jessica squinted at the screen and pressed her lips together.—Yet?

    His next words popped on the screen in record time.—You’re still near Manhattan, right?

    Her hands started to tremble, and her breath caught just behind her teeth. It was over a year ago that she shared her location with him, and after he made such a big deal out of personal privacy, she hadn’t expected him to remember.—Yes. Why?

    In town on business, staying at a place just outside the city…this is the last night.

    What was he implying? Was he really suggesting… Jessica felt her heartbeat quicken. She clenched her teeth together with a snap and exhaled in a hiss. She didn’t dare assume, but she couldn’t resist.—Where?


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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

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