Hungry Like a Wolf by L. Rosario

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2463-0

    Page Count: 35

    Word Count: 7010

    Rated: 1 Rose

    Kate Lasco isn't searching for love. Far from it. After receiving the final rejection in a years' long quest to adopt a child, she finds herself driving aimlessly around on a rainy night, questioning every aspect of her life. What's a single, almost thirty, werewolf to do with a crushed dream? Then she encounters an equally lonely stranger standing in the rain on the side of the road. One night of passion awakens her wolf and seals her Fate.


    “Are you trying to get killed?”

    The man bent over to look in the car. The scant light of her dashboard revealed a pair of heavily lashed eyes amidst tangles of dripping hair. “Are you offering to do the deed?”

    Kate blinked, caught off guard by the deathly serious tone of the question and by the man himself. She’d seen him before…but where? A dream, maybe? An image tried to form, but it fractured before she could capture any details.

    “That was a joke.” He put both hands on the car door. “Life sucks at the moment, but it’s not worth dying over.”

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    “Do you need a ride?”

    He appeared to have nothing to protect him from the rain. No umbrella. No coat. Not even a hat. He was soaked to the skin, his dark T-shirt and jeans so wet they no longer resembled cotton or denim.

    “Are you offering?” He smiled, and the memory of having seen him before manifested into a sudden, vivid image of him standing before her, hand extended, eyes smiling. There were no other details, nothing to indicate time or place. There was only him and her and the warmth radiating from her heart as she reached for his hand—


    “Yeah, sure.” Her voice trembled, and she cleared her throat before speaking again. “Get in.” She hit the button to unlock his door, and he wasted no time tugging it open and sliding into the leather seat. She auto-closed the window as he shut the door. His presence filled the car with the smell of rain. She’d always loved the smell of rain. And the night. He wore both well. Too well, maybe.



Hold on tight!

A fast and hot one night stand that could turn into a lifetime. Although I'm not sure even an immortal could survive for long, the way these two go at it. L. Rosario never disappoints. Hungry Like A Wolf left me feeling like I'd been on a bullet roller coaster.

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    Hungry Like a Wolf

    Hungry Like a Wolf

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