Surprise, Surprise by Anita Kidesu

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-2465-4

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2466-1

    Page Count: 276

    Word Count: 69107

    Rated: 2 Roses

    Identical twins Jon and Matt Sandberg have each met the woman of their dreams—Jon while signing up for a cruise; Matt at a book convention. But when they discover they've actually fallen for the same mysterious woman, neither wants to let her go. They've shared a woman before, but Reenie is more than a passing fantasy. She's so much more and could end up driving a wedge between their brotherly bond.

    Registered Nurse Reenie Anatole is seeing double. At least, that's what she thinks until she realizes she's been sleeping with two men--twin hotties who have stroked her to magical heights of pleasure...separately. The situation leaves her embarrassed and infuriated until she learns their meeting was a fluke, and neither of her lovers knew. Now, she can't help but be intrigued by the thought that two men might be better than one.


    Identical twins, mistaken identity…

    Does a woman have to choose?

    “Would you get a load of those two guys? What a sexy pair.”

    “What two guys?” Reenie picked up her glass and faced the direction Ashley pointed.

    “Those two. The twins. They. Are. Gorgeous.”

    In the past, Ashley had shown an interest in sex with two men—especially with twins. Reenie never quite understood it but had to admit reading ménage stories were a real turn-on. She looked across the room at a tall man standing by a table.

    All the oxygen in her lungs escaped. She swore time stood still as her heart stopped. Grabbing Ashley’s arm, she gasped. “Oh, my God. It’s him.”

    Ashley frowned. “Him? Who?”

    “Bart, the guy I’ve been telling you about.”

    “You mean that tall guy by the table over there.” Ashley nodded her head toward the man. “The one who looks as if he wants to devour you?”

    Reenie’s raised her glass to her lips and met the man’s eyes. With her stomach flipping and her pussy springing to life, all she could was nod.

    Ashley nudged her in the side. “Or the identical one sitting at the table? Who, by-the-way, looks as if he wants to devour you, too.”

    Lowering her drink, Reenie glanced from the man standing to the man sitting. Both were staring at her. Both were… They couldn’t be… They… Shit. There were two of them. Two Barts. Her stomach rolled. Her drink threatened to rise to her throat. Which one had she slept with? If she’d had sex—make that incredible sex—with them both, did they know it?


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Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise

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