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Dance of Desire by Suzanne Jefferies

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2516-3

    Page Count: 29

    Word Count: 5049

    Rated: 1 Rose

    When headstrong state prosecutor, Sarah Ratchett, gets a glimpse of  opposing attorney, Warwick Findlay-Brown, on the dance floor, she is surprisingly tempted to follow his lead. He's dominant, in charge, and she longs to surrender. Her nemesis in the courtroom can't be the man she's been waiting for...or can he?


    The tanda begins. He’s on the dance floor. All chest and arm movement like a wind-up action toy. Leather dance shoes. A second’s glance upward. His gaze meets hers. And hold. Hold me down. Blue. Shot through with ice. All I need is a chisel. I’m not into chisels.

    Her body flickers. That gaze. Oh heavens, she could hold the world up for that gaze. She turns away but her stare darts toward him as he dances, unable to keep away.

    He moves with grace, with ease, a man in command. A leader. Someone who takes charge. A man’s man.

    She’s spent enough time on the sidelines watching—the men, their choices of partner, their bodies betraying their desires. And her silver fox? Was he there for a quick dalliance? A meet and greet? No way was he there for the dancing. Not a man like him.

    Ah, to be in a man’s arms, and not a boy’s. Tango, so adult; salsa, so sexy and young and fun. And yet she’s there at the milonga, week after week, always hopeful for that full-bodied, ripe passion the tango promises.

    The tanda ends. She sits just that little bit forward on her chair, back ever so slightly arched, licking her lips. Waiting. A prickle of tension. No one moves toward her. Not that it matters. She’s learned to affect the bored, nonchalant look of the innate wallflower. Maybe he’ll ask.

    One by one, the dancers exit the floor, and return mismatched or not with their next partner. Some stand too close, the yearning of their bodies belying the blankness of their stares. Others wrap around each other, snapshots of casual intimacy. Unbidden, her gaze turns back toward him. His swagger takes up the room. He’s swaggering her way.


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Dance of Desire

Dance of Desire

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