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Sure Thing by Nese Lane

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2534-7

    Page Count: 36

    Word Count: 7135

    Rated: 2 Roses

    After literally plowing over the lead singer at her favorite band's concert after party, Laney Edwards receives an invitation most girls only fantasize about. One night with Gavin Riggs.

    Brendon Ferran, drummer for The Naked Truth is bored with life on the road until he happens upon Gavin's newest conquest. Drawn in by Laney's beauty, air of innocence, and spunk, he decides he must have her even if it means upsetting his best friend and band mate.

    Intrigued and amused by Laney's request to have Brendon join them, Gavin is curious to see what the night will bring. Will their girl next door be overwhelmed by the possibilities or turn out to be the next sure thing?


    Her insides melted at the seductive sound of his British accent and the sparkle in his brilliant green eyes. Paired with his overlong, messy, raven hair, the combination proved lethal to her libido. She swallowed and quickly gathered her scattered wits. “No problem. I’m headed to the back of the bus. It’s all yours.”

    He turned sideways to let her pass in the narrow pathway, but her breasts still grazed his tight torso as she slipped by. She pictured the naked chest he’d bared through the whole concert. Pounding those skins produced a glorious amount of cut angles and planes she’d love to trace with her tongue, but the band’s gorgeous lead singer awaited her in his quarters. She’d just have to make do with the voice that kept her panties wet.

    She fought the giggle that threatened to escape, at the thought of being with them both and blew Brendon a kiss as she shimmied past.

    Brendon stopped her progress from behind with a hand on her hip. His thighs burned through the denim covering her ass as he cozied up and whispered into her ear, “I do wish that were true, gorgeous. It looks like Gavin beat me to the most stunning bird in the place. Just know if you want a taste of good Ol’ England, I’d love to give it a go. He’s okay for a Yank, but I promise to give you a taste of Liverpool you’ll never forget.”


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Sure Thing

Sure Thing

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