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The Red Heart by Kristal Dawn Harris

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2553-8

    Page Count: 34

    Word Count: 6986

    Rated: 1 Rose

    The Red Heart Club Book One

    Julianna Lockland, the Earl of Lockland's illegitimate daughter, has one night to secure the heart of the famed Renauld Pirate. A masquerade presents the perfect opportunity to do just that. Her sister doesn't love him; she savors her role in high society and looks down her nose at Reynauld. Bent on seduction, Julianna dons her sister's mask and enters the private quarters of the roguish buccaneer.

    The bastard son of a duke, Thomas Reynauld has come from the high seas to seal a contract with the Earl of Lockland. In exchange for exclusive shipping rights of the earl's liquor, Thomas must wed Lockland's daughter, Evelyn. He remembers her as cold, but the masked siren setting his sheets on fire proves him wrong…in the most delicious way.

    Can one deceitful night of passion lead to love?


    His dagger still rested between her breasts. He trailed the blade across her throat, then around her exposed shoulders to her back, where he halted. “Is the daughter of an earl still a virgin?”

    The woman dropped her chin, then glanced over her shoulder without meeting his eyes. “I am,” she purred in a soft voice.

    Thomas leaned forward and ran his nose up her neck, then back down and across one bare shoulder. The faint scent of roses filled his nostrils. Goosebumps rose on her skin beneath his blue gaze, and she shivered despite the warmth of the room.

    He kissed one bare shoulder softly, then bit hard before flicking the reddened flesh with his tongue. His mouth hovered over her tempting skin to see if she’d move away, but she remained rooted. “You should know, I don’t make love, Evelyn. I fuck, and I fuck hard. You are not dealing with a gentleman.”

    Thomas waited for her to run out of the room screaming or to try to smack him, but instead her chin lifted. He wanted to induce fear, but her spine stiffened.

    She pulled the pins from her hair. He watched it fall to her small waist in a heavy, luxurious, dark mass. Hairpins pinged off the hardwood floor all around her feet. Dainty hands reached up to slide the dress farther down one arm, exposing more of her tantalizing skin and the entire pink areola of one breast. Her eyes closed to seductive slits, and dark lashes fanned against her perfect complexion. She glanced over the shoulder he just tasted. “I expect nothing less from a pirate.”


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The Red Heart

The Red Heart

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