More Than One Night (paperback) by Marie Tuhart

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    Bartender Beth Grant has sworn off men after yet another failed relationship, but when a friend dares her to dance with a handsome stranger, she's tempted by the fantasy. Jake turns out to be dashing, charming and very rich, everything Beth avoids. But she can't resist, and one dance turns into an evening of exquisite passion. Beth vows not to repeat a night like this, despite liking the mysterious Jake—a lot.

    Successful business owner Jake Masters knows he's met his dream girl the minute he lays eyes on Beth across the crowded dance floor. But the next morning she disappears and all he has is her first name. Jake vows to go to any length to get more than one night with Beth, and when he discovers she has a jaded past, he puts his heart and soul at risk to prove he's the one.


    Rosebud (225  pages/51569 words)

    Print ISBN: 978-1-62830-130-4


    The song wound down, but when it ended she didn’t move out of his arms. The music started once again, and as they turned, he spied her friends watching them with rapt attention.

    “You’re a very beautiful woman.” Where was this corny stuff coming from?

    “Thank you. You’re beautiful yourself.”

    “Men aren’t beautiful. We’re rugged, handsome, charming, powerful—”

    She started laughing. “Are you flirting with me, Jake?”

    “Yes, is that okay?” Now he was into the dorky stage, asking permission, but that’s how he was taught to treat a lady.

    “Absolutely, flirt away.” She laid her head on his shoulder once again. He was aware of her body against his, with each sway of their hips their groins brushed. His erection was apparent, but she wasn’t pulling away. He took it as a sign she wanted to be with him.

    Her breath was warm and moist against his neck. He moved his hand up her back and tunneled beneath her hair, holding her head in place as his lips nudged her hair away from her ear.

    “I know what I want from you, but do you know what you want from me?” she asked.

    “I want to kiss you,” he said, because he couldn’t have stopped the words from emerging if God himself had clamped his lips shut. “All over. All night long.”


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More Than One Night (paperback)

More Than One Night (paperback)

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