All Hands Below (paperback) by Lelani Black

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    Twice married and twice widowed tends to leave a girl wanting, so Evangeline Spencer decides to look for roses, romance, and a happily ever after. Wild sex with a smoking-hot crew member of the Sea Sapphire wasn't on Evie's to-do list when she booked a cruise to the Caribbean, but the delicious things Liam Rossi does on a moonlit deck leaves her addicted and needy.

    Newly promoted ship captain Liam Rossi is allergic to gorgeous, husband-hunting hotties with bed-me blue eyes. But after one taste of Evie's charms, he must have her in his bed. He'll give her the roses and romance she came aboard for. The happily ever after? Well...


    This title contains: explicit language and anal sex.

    Rosebud (224 pages/52014 words)

    Print ISBN: 978-1-62830-128-1


    "A beautiful woman should never be under the moonlight all by herself." He trailed his fingertips down her arm.

    Evangeline gulped in an excited breath. Her nipples peaked under her gown, recognizing a most sensual invitation.

    Dismissing the danger she faced between him and the moonlight, she leaned closer to him, to those lips that harbored the scent of after dinner mints. This conversation was nothing like the one they'd parted to earlier, and she was eager to draw on it. "I must be a little rule breaker."

    The stroke of his fingertips turned into an appreciative squeeze. "You could make an exception to your rules tonight."

    "Maybe. That would depend on the prize."

    "Oh, I think you'd like this one." He reached out and cupped her cheek, then leaned in and pressed warm lips to hers.

    His lips sampled hers, tasting each curve with heated fervor and, when he pulled her lower lip between his teeth for the softest of bites, his mouth turned her body into a smoking furnace.

    A sweet ache coiled beneath her belly button. Robert may have been capable of stirring her needs, but Liam Rossi ignited a wildfire.

    His free hand stroked her nipple through the velvet of her gown and, as his fingertip circled the halo of her areola, she sighed, closed her eyes, and simmered in the sexual adrenaline pumping through her blood.

    He broke the link of their mouths to nuzzle at her neck.

    "Let me savor you, Evie," he coaxed softly.


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All Hands Below (paperback)

All Hands Below (paperback)

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