Learning To Fly (paperback) by Melissa Snark

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  • Cassandra Claeys is a bohemian artist with a passion for shoes and architecture. Her past wasn't pretty and she's got the scars to prove it, but she's determined to live and love again and she's hoping her newest client is just the man for the job. But the crazed serial killer that once held her captive escapes from prison, willing to kill again to make his manical fantasies come true.

    Architect Kyle McCloud hires the fiery redhead to illustrate his latest project, never dreaming that she would bring passion and danger to his door. Cassie is easily spooked and as flighty as one of his injured birds, but he's willing to work overtime to make her soar for him alone.


    Rosebud (190 pages/43997 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-595-9
    Print ISBN: 978-1-62830-152-6


    “You’ve only had two lovers?” Tension hit him again between the shoulder blades and shot to his crotch. He had expected a woman of her age and beauty to have had more than a couple lovers.

    “Yes, two.” Her expression turned teasing. “Do I want to know how many lovers you’ve had?”

    Thank God, he didn’t blush. “Not if you want to respect me in the morning.”

    Cassie laughed, relaxing in his hold. “Maybe not discussing it is for the best then.”

    He needed to get out of her bed before the gentle rocking of her pelvis against his cock caused him to embarrass himself. Kyle kissed her forehead and eased away. “It’s late. Try to get some sleep.”

    He didn’t count on sleep so much as a cold shower as he attempted to ease the ache her nearness caused. Cassie caught his arm, preventing him from leaving the bed. “I don’t want you to leave.”

    “Cassie, I need some space.”

    “Oh.” Her face fell and she looked down, conveying hurt and disappointment.

    Kyle didn’t want her feeling rejected. “I only meant—I’m human. Physically, I can only take so much. I get hard just being this close to you. When I should be supportive, I’m distracted by your scent and your mouth. I want to taste your breasts and—” Fuck you until you wrap your legs around me and scream.


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Learning To Fly (paperback)

Learning To Fly (paperback)

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