Hot Bayou Nights (paperback) by Elizabeth Shore

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    When corporate consultant Carla Saunders' work takes her from the skyscrapers of Manhattan to a research facility in Louisiana filled with king cobra snakes, she sees her dreams of a job in Paris sinking into the swamp. But unexpected desire burns hotter than a sultry bayou night. The snakes terrify her, but lust for the scorching hot research scientist has her dreaming less about the Champs Élysées and more about being coiled in his arms.

    Obsessed with finding a cure for multiple sclerosis, Jackson Rivard’s got zero time for relationships. But when a lush, efficient business advisor sweeps into his lab, zero spikes to a hundred before he can shut off the engine. In theory, no-strings-attached sex is scientifically feasible, but having an ex whose fangs make a cobra’s seem modest brings new meaning to the phrase “once bitten, twice shy.” How can he protect his heart when Carla’s charming it out of hiding?


    Rose (294 pages/75353 words)

    Print ISBN: 978-1-62830-320-9


    “You made me lose sleep, you know?” He caressed her arm and along the side of her neck. He slipped his hand into her hair. “I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”

    With the tips of his fingers he lightly stroked along her collarbone and the base of her throat. His eyes glittered as he looked down at her. She heard a change in his breathing as it grew heavier, more pronounced. “You’re a very bad girl, Carla.”

    Her voice was little more than a whisper. “Am I?”

    “Oh, yes.” He leaned in and brushed soft lips against her neck. “You distract me.”

    “And that’s bad?”

    “Of course it is. I have work to do.”

    She glanced down and saw the rise in his jeans. Emboldened by her effect on him, she put her hand on his chest and felt his thundering heart. A rush of excitement heated her blood. Jackson wanted her. Badly. Still, her mind clouded with confusion.

    “I don’t get it. Last night you made it pretty clear—”

    “That we weren’t doing this. I know; we shouldn’t.” He kissed her neck once more. She nearly purred. “I have work to do, you have an internship to complete.” He murmured the words against her skin. “But I can’t stop thinking about getting you naked.”

    “Oh really?” She pulled back to look at him, attempting to be stern even while she trembled with need. “You had your chance last night and didn’t take it. What makes you so certain I’m going to let you do that now?”

    He stood stock still, intensity blazing like fire. “I can be very persuasive when I want something bad enough.”

    Her pulse shot to the sky. “And you want this bad enough?”

    His jaw set. “I want you bad enough.”


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Hot Bayou Nights (paperback)

Hot Bayou Nights (paperback)

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