Siren Slave (paperback) by Aurora Styles

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    As if being hunted by assassins, secretly assisting the Gallic rebellion against Rome, and learning about her favorite rebel pirate isn’t enough to keep a princess busy, Freya learns she has magical powers. Magic she cannot control. Oh, and she's also the daughter of immortals.

    Mistaken for a supporter of Rome by the man she fantasizes about, Freya is kidnapped by the rakish corsair, Siegfried the Fox. She has dreamed of this moment for years, fantasized of the wicked things the sexy swashbuckler would do to his fair captive. Only he has no idea of her desires, and she wants to keep it that way. No sense in appearing desperate.

    All Siegfried wanted was to kidnap the princess for ransom, but he’s learning things seem to go awry when the seductive siren is involved. And that includes maintaining control of his darkest hungers. She stirs his need to protect her from those who want to dictate her magic while drawing on his desire to dominate, to punish…to enslave.

    Can Siegfried keep the klutzy princess safe—even from himself? Can Freya convince the swarthy bandit to accept both her willing submission and her love?


    This title contains explicit language and BDSM.

    Rose (510 pages/137095 words)

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-62830-516-6


    When she turned, the firelight sparkled on very certain, very strategic locations. His throat went dry. The Roman-loving princess was pierced? Small gold rings hung from her nipples and labia. Four piercings.

    “Why are you pierced?”

    She stiffened. The redness of her cheeks deepened, and she covered her breasts with a forearm, her pussy with her other hand. “I…was curious.”

    Now he was curious. He took a step to close the gap between them. She didn’t fight when he moved her arms behind her, folding them at the small of her back. “Don’t hide yourself when we are alone.” He growled and nipped at one of the rings dangling so enticingly from her small breasts. Her breathing became quick and heavy. “What aroused your curiosity enough to do this?”

    “I’d heard it felt better with the piercings. Men in the barracks…talk.”

    He lifted his head, keeping his arm around her hips to steady her. “You didn’t do this for Etainen.”

    “Yes, I did. I know he doesn’t like anything he considers barbaric. Whenever I imagined him doing things like this, the image that popped into my head was of a tiny dog trying to hump my leg.”

    His grip loosened when he laughed. This was the first time he’d sincerely laughed in…well, since Freya had made him laugh last. “Oh, Freya, you’ll find such things will not turn away my attention.”

    “You’d like uncivilized, wouldn’t you?”

    He didn’t respond, unsure of how to do so. That sounded awfully like a compliment.

    She took advantage of his loosened grip and walked barefoot to the corner where a bowl of water had been left on a splintered wooden stand for ablutions. She set this alongside the bed furs, probably intending to wash the mud from her feet. Next she grabbed one of the clean garments Balder had brought for her. This wasn’t a toga but a pair of leather breeches. So sometimes she didn’t wear togas?

    “No dressing. When we are alone, you will always be naked. Keep your legs spread when you sit. It will remind you that I can and will take you when I desire.” Eventually, she’d balk, give him reason to stop before he took her places her princessly mind couldn’t conceive.


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Siren Slave (paperback)

Siren Slave (paperback)

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