Rock Hard (paperback) by LJ Vickery

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  • ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-632-3
    ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-631-6
    Page Count: 394
    Word Count: 94584
    Rating: 1 Rose

    Book One of the Immortals Series

    Marduk, Mesopotamian god of thunder, has been invisible for hundreds of years, his punishment for leaving an entire civilization to wither and die...all for the love of a woman. Now, the gods seem to be reaping a great deal of pleasure at his expense once again for it’s another little bit of a woman who has the power to make him whole. She lights his formerly passionless form on fire, but he'll have to battle more than the gods who placed him and his brothers in this purgatory to win her heart and her body. Some demons must be faced to be defeated, even if they are hers.

    Tess has straightened her life out. That means no alcohol, no risk, and most of all, NO MEN! But this god-like creature she first sees naked on the beach makes her forget the horrors wrought by another and consider the passion zinging through her veins. Can she take such a risk again without sacrificing her sobriety and her life?


    Holy shit! Tess had dropped her robe…

    …and was standing, naked and glowing in the moonlight. Marduk could only hold his breath and stare. Great, he moaned, now another weapon was poised and ready.

    She obviously thought she was alone as she stretched her arms toward the sky, offering pert nipples to the heavens. What he wouldn’t do to suck those tender buds and tease them until she moaned and begged for more. Marduk scowled and looked around, making sure that none of his gods were attending the show. This was for his eyes only.

    Now the real question…what to do? Tess climbed the two stairs of the tub, her taut backside teasing him as she crested the top, then blissfully sank into the warm water. Marduk made up his mind. He couldn’t stand the thought of her wet and naked a moment longer. He backtracked and came all the way around the barn from the opposite direction, beginning an off-tune whistle as he approached the hot tub.

    “Marduk?” Her small voice called his name tentatively into the night.

    “Tess?” he replied as innocently as possible, considering the lust that threatened to choke him.

    “Yes, it’s me.” To his ears, she sounded a little panicked.

    He loosened his tense jaw and let his smile reach out to her in the moonlight.

    “I’m in the hot tub and I’m naked,” she stated, as if that would deter him. He moved forward, steadily.

    “Did you hear me?” She squeaked in that appealing way she had.

    “I heard you.” Her voice made his heart jump and, when he was finally close enough, he pulled his shirt over his head.


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Rock Hard (paperback)

Rock Hard (paperback)

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