Double The Risk (paperback) by Samantha Cayto

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    After the deaths of his parents and having to raise his younger brother, Detective Ronan Callaghan looks for three things—a good time, his next case, and when time allows, the man who murdered his family. The jury is still out on his new partner, but the hot new medical examiner at the first crime scene they share does it for him hands down.

    Diego Nieves hopes his new job in Boston will allow him to shake the painful memories of an on-duty shooting. Haunted by the event, he takes his job seriously and isn’t certain he can work with a cavalier partner. He sure as hell wants to work more closely with the pretty ME standing over his first homicide vic.

    Newly free from a long and boring engagement, medical examiner Cassidy Barnes is finally free to cut loose with her sex life. She’s determined to break old patterns and start taking new chances. When two sexy cops catch her eye, she can’t resist either—the charming rogue or the serious romantic.

    Just when Ronan and Diego begin to click as partners, their simultaneous relationship with Cassidy pits them as rivals. As each man vies for her attention, Cassidy struggles to choose between them. Solving the case and keeping Cassidy just might mean Ronan and Diego must to learn to work together…in more ways than one.


    This title contains explicit language and ménage (m/f/m).

    Rosebud (192 pages/45589 words)


    Choosing between them will be impossible…

    “Shall we go?” He held out his hand, as if to usher her to his side. When she hesitated, his smile dimmed. “Is something wrong?”

    Cassidy wet her lips and noticed how Ronan’s gaze followed the movement. “I need to tell you something before we leave. It might change your mind about tonight.”

    “I doubt it, but please go ahead.”

    “I went out with Diego last night. It was a spur of the moment thing, and…”

    “I know. He told me this morning.”

    “He did? What exactly did he tell you?”

    “That he’d dropped by on the chance that you were free and asked you out to dinner.”

    “Oh. Um, okay. Was that it?” Jesus, what was she asking him? Did she really want to know if Diego bragged about having sex with her? Besides, while she didn’t know him well, she couldn’t believe Diego was the fuck and tell kind of guy.

    “That was it.” Ronan frowned slightly. “He didn’t give me details, and I didn’t ask for any. It’s none of my business what you two did last night.”

    Well, that was awfully mature of him. It flew in the face of everything she thought she knew about men. “Then it doesn’t bother you?”

    “The only thing that would bother me is if you’re only going out with me tonight because you’re too polite to cancel.”

    “Oh! No,” she was quick to assure him. “I want to go out with you.” She felt her cheeks heat up and had to fight to keep from cupping them with her hands. She was so not good at this femme fatale stuff.

    Ronan’s megawatt smile was back. “Great, let’s go.”


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Double The Risk (paperback)

Double The Risk (paperback)

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