South Seas Seduction (paperback) by Anita Kidesu

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  • Sheltered all her life as the daughter of an ambassador, Emma Labonte boards a small plane on a trip from Australia. One hijacking and a plane crash later, she finds herself on a deserted island and stranded with three different yet equally sexy men. With no hope for rescue, the four begin to carve a semblance of a life in their tropical setting. Closeness breeds curiosity, and naive Emma begins to wonder what it would be like to be loved by these three men. The adventurer Jack, Toby the intelligent doctor, and shy English professor Steve--each carve a special place in her heart.
    When her three men launch seduction in the South Seas, how can she resist?


    “Something wrong?”

    Jack grabbed her hand and pulled her up, following Steve and Toby up the trail. “No. We’re all tired and anxious to get in a swim before dark.”

    “It won’t be dark for a while,” Emma commented. “Something else is wrong.”

    Jack sighed. She wouldn’t give up until he gave her an answer. For her prim and proper behavior, she was nothing but a persistent little thing. “Have you given any more thought to what we talked about this morning?”

    “What do you think?” she asked. “A man proposes something that outrageous, and you think she’s not going to think about it?”

    Jack grinned. “Yeah, well when a man proposes something that outrageous, you can be damn sure it’s all he thinks about, but he’s never quite sure about the woman.”

    “So you have done this before?”

    “Hell, no. What kind of guy do you take me for?” A smile reached her eyes, and he knew he’d been taken. “You know, Emma-girl, sometimes you can be a real pain in the ass.”

    Emma shrugged and stepped in front of him when the trail narrowed, giving Jack a good view of her ass. So tight and sexy, he nearly had to bite his knuckles to keep from reaching out and grabbing.

    “So, you didn’t answer my earlier question. Are you considering our proposal?”

    “Until I found the cave, your proposition was all I thought about.”


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South Seas Seduction (paperback)

South Seas Seduction (paperback)

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