Internal Affair (paperback) by Samantha Cayto

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  • As the oldest of the Callaghan brothers, Daire held his family together when his parents were murdered. With his brothers finally grown, he is able to truly deal with his loss—and his loneliness. But he's out of practice when it comes to dating so he buries himself in his new position as police lieutenant.

    Parker Li works in internal affairs. Having experienced bad cops, she strives to weed them out. Proud of her Chinese heritage and her mission, she refuses to be intimidated by the hostility she encounters. She has also put her personal life on hold, unwilling to settle down with the guy of her family’s choosing.

    When Parker stumbles upon the Callaghan file and reopens the case, Daire is, at first, dubious about the sexy dynamo who pushes her way into his office and his life. But while her dedication wins him over, Parker resists the temptation of the steamy lieutenant with the chip on his shoulder.

    The case is cold, but heat rises as they face the growing desire between them and the danger of solving the murders.


    A cold case…the heat of desire…

    Both could lead to danger…

    “Look, I fully expect you to sleep in Ronan’s or Finn’s old room, your choice. I don’t want you to think this is intended to be an excuse to jump you or anything.” God, Daire’s face heated up. No smooth talker he.

    Parker bit her lower lip and sauntered toward him. “What if I want you to jump me? What if I want to jump you?”

    The breath left his lungs in a whoosh. “You don’t mean that,” he challenged in a strangled voice.

    She stopped mere inches away and craned her neck to look up at him. “Oh, but I do. I’ve had some time to think about this.” She gestured between the two of them. “I’ve been on a self-imposed dry spell with men. I blame it on the emotional fall-out from breaking up with Evan. The truth is, though, I’ve been scared. Dating is scary and rejection is hard. Immersing myself in my job seemed much easier in comparison.”

    “I understand how you feel.” Her story didn’t vary much from his own. When he’d been in deep with raising Finn and keeping Ronan on a short leash, it had given him a good excuse to pull out of the dating pool.

    “The thing is,” Parker continued, her gaze never leaving his. “I hadn’t met you yet. Being celibate is easy when there’s no one around to tempt you.”

    Amen to that!

    “I tell myself getting involved with you is a bad idea. The investigation, dating another cop, dating a senior cop.” She ticked off the reasons, and he couldn’t argue with any of them. “Now?” She shrugged. “It might be a cliché, but almost getting killed or at least having the crap scared out of me has given me a new perspective. Tell me, why is it so wrong for us to act on our attraction. It doesn’t have to be for more than one night.”

    Daire took a deep breath and closed the distance between them. He cupped her chin and tilted it back. “Yes, it does.”


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Internal Affair (paperback)

Internal Affair (paperback)

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