To-Do Him List (paperback) by Denise Marie

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  • With her life expectancy most likely measured in weeks, Isabelle Chambers jettisons her risk-free, missionary-position life for a to-do list that is short on dull and long on passion.

    Cole Davies may be living his dream as lead singer for Scandals complete with fame, fortune, and unlimited female attention, but life still feels incomplete. So when Isabelle takes her list viral on Twitter he can’t resist her appeal.

    From flying to bondage and touring with the band to getting it on in public, Isabelle’s To-Do Him List turns them both inside out.  Then things get hotter than either planned and they both need to decide what they’ll risk for love.

    Fighting Against Love…Fighting Against Time

    “Wait. You do drink, right? I mean, you’re not some kind of recovering alcoholic or anything, are ya?”

    She couldn’t resist. “You know, admitting you have a problem is the first step.”

    The charade couldn’t be maintained with the panic on his face. She turned her head away from him; the laughter bubbled over.

    He hip checked her and moved on. “You’re gonna fit in here just fine, beautiful.”

    Her fingertips drained of color as she gripped onto the counter beside her. She didn’t want to make anything of what had to be an error in words.

    “Pfft” She waved her hand in the air and urged her feet to follow him. “How do you think I concocted the list? Alcohol can be as therapeutic as it can be damaging.”

    “Very true. I often lie back on the couch and sing my woes out to Dr. Jack Daniels.” He opened a narrow door and took a quick peek inside. “Yes.” He flung it agape and pointed in. “The bathroom isn’t big, but does have a shower. I hope you are familiar with short showers. The supply of hot water sucks. If you want hot, you will need to beat me to the shower.” He winked and raised his eyebrows with all kinds of suggestion as he strolled away.

    She stopped at the doorway and stared at the radiant white shower with a clear glass door, no longer empty. Her skin warmed.

    Cole stood under the stream of water and tipped his head back to wet his hair. The blond strands darkened to a rich shade of brown. She stood in front of him, and splashes of water from his movements sprinkled her bare skin. She smoothed her hand up his muscled chest. “Touch me, Cole.”


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To-Do Him List (paperback)

To-Do Him List (paperback)

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