Catching The Cajun (paperback) by Ursula Whistler

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-1038-1

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-1039-8

    Page Count: 284

    Word Count: 73570

    Paranormal blogger Felicia Li wants to show she’s more than an Internet flash in the pan. Her Paranormal Pest website is taking off as she debunks ghosts and monsters across the country. Her next gig involves busting a New Orleans tour group for a fake Loup Garou haunting the swamps. But the formidable tour owner kicks her off the boat, and she’s not above cozying up to the sexy Cajun to catch the fake monster.

    Jacques Mercier, owner of Cajun Boy Tours, isn’t about to let petite Felicia bring down his family business. He’s overcome oil spills and hurricanes, but something about the feisty Internet phenom tells him she’s going to be trouble for his business—and his heart.


    Keep your enemies close…very close.

    The blond Cajun crossed the gangplank in two strides and settled himself in front of her. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave the vessel, ma’am.”

    Damn, he’s big. A rich, sensuous cologne wafted to her nose. The brash city girl inside her took over. She put her hands on his broad shoulders to show she wasn’t intimidated and declared, “I’m staying right where I am.”

    His lips tightened so much that a pale area surrounded his mouth. He took a deep breath. “I am capable and within my rights to remove you by force,” he said in a whisper meant to carry to only her.

    She straightened her arms against his shoulders, bracing for whatever he planned to do. Let the man try. While she wished she were sitting beside one of the canopy posts to hold on to if he did try to pick her up, she bet that he wouldn’t cause a scene. He had more to lose, like a good business name. These people didn’t know anything about her. One shoulder lifted, daring him to make a big deal. “I’m not leaving.”

    “Oh, yes you are.” As he said it, he reached for her and wrapped one of his arms around her waist.

    Her stiff arms didn’t deter him. With a slight grunt, he pulled her to his side and lifted her from the wooden seat. Some part of her clothes snagged, and something ripped as the man wrenched her away from the boat. He tugged her tightly against his hard torso, bringing swift tingles through her body. Damn, he felt amazing.


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Catching The Cajun (paperback)

Catching The Cajun (paperback)

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