Highland Dom (paperback) by Marie Tuhart

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  • ISBN Print: 978-1-5092-2171-4

    ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-2172-1

    Page Count: 250

    Word Count: 58495

    Rated: 2 Roses

    McMillan Passion Book One

    Kristen Caldwell, owner of Cozy Corners Café, is tired of hiding her true nature and ready to explore her kinky side. And who better to show her the lifestyle than the dominant sex ed professor.

    Cameron McMillan has had his eye on the pretty cafe owner since she settled in his hometown four years ago. He’s waited for just the right moment, and now that he’s back from teaching in Scotland, he’ll gladly introduce her to the world of BDSM.

    But when Kristen’s fears and past rear their ugly head, threatening not just their relationship but their professional lives, she must decide whether to stand up for herself or run...again.


    Let the negotiations begin…

    “Look at me.” His command was just as firm as his last. When their gazes met, he let out a breath. “How much do you know?”

    “You volunteer at the local BDSM club, and teach sexual health at the university.” Her voice was soft and low.

    “Yes, but how much do you know about the lifestyle?” Was she really interested? It was hard to tell.

    “A bit.” She squirmed in her chair. “This isn’t the place we should be talking about this.”

    Cam glanced around the café; no one was here, yet. And his sister was keeping to the kitchen. “No one is here. Tell me.”

    “I…” Her gaze dropped, and she shook her head. “Not here.” Her voice was stronger. “I won’t risk my business.”

    Someone walked by the café, and Cam shifted in his seat. “Meet me for dinner tonight.”

    “I have to bake tonight.”

    “I’ll bring dinner here, but we are going to talk.” Cam stood up and circled behind Kristen as someone walked into the café. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Because I can’t wait to tie you to my bed. Tease you. Torment you. And take you.” Cam straightened, turned, and strode out the café door.


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Highland Dom (paperback)

Highland Dom (paperback)

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